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AFL-CIO Legislative Director Bill Samuel says labor’s number one priority – the Employee Free Choice Act labor law reform – will become law. It makes it easier for workers to join unions by taking employer intimidation out of the picture. And Samuel says the bill won’t be gutted by compromise that destroys its original intent.

[Samuel]: “Yes, I think the Senate Democrats and particularly those in the leadership understand that this bill has to be meaningful. Although a very small number have said they might not be able to support the bill as it’s currently crafted, that’s really code for suggesting that there may need to be some small changes. But not changes that would undermine the basic thrust of the bill.”

Business has mounted a strong effort to derail the labor law reform, but Samuel says once Minnesota’s Al Franken is seated in the U.S. Senate Democrats will pass the legislation despite business opposition.

[Samuel2]: “Clearly the business community is going to spend more money than us, they have more money and they’re determined to protect their privilege and their right to block workers from exercising this basic right. But I think at the end of the day we’re gonna pass this bill and Democrats are going to be proud to be on the side of working families.”