The National Farmers Union, a progressive farm organization, held its 100th anniversary convention in Texas March 1-4.

The Farmers Union works for policies favoring family farmers. Their progressive program includes opposition to education vouchers, support for universal health care managed by the government, cooperation with labor unions, opposition to privatization of Social Security and demand that results of publicly funded research remain in the public domain.

The main purpose of the Farmers Union is to preserve family farms that are at economic risk as crop and livestock production and land ownership are being concentrated into the hands of fewer and larger-than-family-sized and corporate farm units.

On March 2, the Farmers Union went back to their roots as the whole convention went to the little town of Point, Texas, where 10 men founded the organization 100 years ago. There a charter was presented to the newest state organization, the Missouri Farmers Union, the first new state chartered in 20 years.

Organizing is going on for more states on the West Coast and even in Alaska.