Fascist violence requires a re-think on strategy and tactics
White nationalist demonstrators clash with counter-demonstrators at the entrance to Lee Park in Charlottesville, Va. Aug. 12. | Steve Helber / AP

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Re: When the world is tolerant of Nazis, people die

Zen Arts says:

Some Implications and Questions:

Good article, but I am not sure what exactly she is suggesting in terms of strategy and tactics.

The author tells us to not tolerate Nazis and concludes that we are regressing in our tolerance of white supremacy. She seems to suggest anti-fascists are not overreacting in their response to the violent KKK and other neo-fascists. But what does that mean in terms of strategy and tactics to fight back?

Given the events in Charlottesville, Left forces now face an enemy: the vicious right-wing KKK and neo-Nazis, who have no humane consciousness and who are supported by an openly racist POTUS. Can the Left continue to use the strategies and tactics of the Civil Rights and antiwar movements—peaceful nonviolent demonstrations and protest, passive resistance, civil disobedience, and other techniques to ‘turn the other cheek’?

These techniques apply only to an opponent who has a sense of justice and fair play and realizes, at least unconsciously, how wrong they are. In this new era of revitalized neo-fascism, they do not apply to an enemy motivated by racism and who ‘just does not care’ because of a powerful belief in the certainty of their cause, and supported by the most powerful office in the nation. Much of the ‘resistance’ is still in the Civil Rights mode. Does the Left need to change strategy and tactics?


Re: The epic climate change disaster is happening now in Houston

Gene Gordon says:

The author speaks of “manmade climate change, which is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, like coal, gas or oil and fill the air with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2).”

You know what else fills the air with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) – and even worse, with methane? Animal agriculture, factory farming. Yes, at least 18 percent and as much as a catastrophic 51 percent of greenhouse gases come from cattle. Don’t you think that’s worthy of mention in your article?

Indeed, failure to mention it amounts, I feel, to something like criminal neglect. Yes, I believe your article does a serious disservice to the people of Texas suffering from the terrible winds and floods.


Re: Trump is becoming a liability for capitalism

Leonard C. Yannielli says:

Thank you for this solid analysis as far as it went. The single greatest danger now is a turn to U.S military action in North Korea. It combines those twin evils haunting our country for two centuries – anti-communism and racism. The military, industrial, financial complex will mobilize around it. The Trump administration will attempt to wrap itself in the flag and use super-patriotism to mask its reactionary policies and foibles. In fact, they will use it to attack the resistance with being unpatriotic.

I’m hearing from well-intended people that “the generals” will keep Trump under control. The generals didn’t keep the Truman Administration from dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Let’s work to have the peace movement become an active component of the resistance.


Re: German automakers born of Nazi crimes, commit new ones today

Keri Rautenkraz says:

My immediate reaction to the VW emissions scandal: What did you expect? The company was founded by Adolf Hitler!


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