For inmate starved of news, People’s World is ‘breath of fresh air’

Arriving in the People’s World mailbox every week are letters from men and women who’ve been locked away in the prisons of our nation’s mass incarceration “justice” system. They are among the hundreds of people who have no or limited internet access across the country who depend on the printed PW that is mailed to them—it’s their pipeline to get news from the outside world.

They write to say thanks for the PW newsletter and to tell their own stories. One of them, Christopher H., gave us permission to share his letter with readers as part of the 2024 Fund Drive campaign. Check out what he had to say and then read on to see how you can help keep the printed PW going out to people like him every week.


Howdy, I’m an incarcerated Marxist who receives the mailings of People’s World articles. In prison, the primary news sources are bourgeois corporate media, namely Fox and CNN. PW is a refreshing breath of fresh air from the corporate media hegemony. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the reporting on the Israeli genocidal onslaught of Gaza, and in particular the brave resistance of the Communist Party of Israel. Most of the articles I receive are shared widely, as are International Publishers books that have been sent to me. Thank you for all the work you do.

In solidarity,
~ Christopher H.

Help get People’s World into the hands of more of the people swallowed up by the unjust system of mass incarceration. For only $5 per month, you could cover the costs of a year’s worth of printed newsletters for an incarcerated reader like Christopher.

Your contribution will cover the cost of printing the newsletter, envelopes, postage, and snacks for the volunteer team that stuffs and mails PW to inmates every week.

Want to sponsor more inmates? $10 a month will cover two. $20 will cover four.

Can you help?



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