Workers’ Correspondence

Thank you for last week’s article captioned, “Twin Cities bus drivers fight to save health care.” Our April 10 solidarity rally at the state capital saw nearly 300 PWWs handed out with the headline “Death Toll Mounts in Iraq Quagmire.” Distributors made short work of it by calling out: “Transit strike made page 3 in the World.”

The following lines were taken from a neighborhood paper found in Minneapolis: “ATU Local 1005 has become the frontline of resistance to a policy which deems sacred the lifestyle of the rich and super rich. Governor Pawlenty’s ‘no new taxes’ always meant the burden of budget crisis would be carried on working-class backs. The meek suffered first. Dedicated hard labor unionized workers bear the brunt now. Health care is the issue.”

When all is said and done, let’s send the bosses to the back of the bus.

– Minnesota foundry worker