Music reviews

Remi Bolduc/Kenny Werner, Tchat

Sax player Remi Bolduc and pianist Kenny Werner are a formidable duo, as evidenced by their latest release. They effortlessly navigate the musical intricacies of jazz creating lush, symmetrical and whimsical compositions.

Coral Egan/Alex Cattaneo, The Path of Least Resistance

Coral Egan is one of the most refreshingly talented, yet undiscovered crooners in music today. As her latest release demonstrates, she has a strong, yet soft toned, decisive voice that is comfortable with a wide range of musical genres. For example, while doing an exquisite, stripped down, bluesy cover of Van Morrrison’s “Moondance” she is equally at ease performing lush Bossa classics such as “A Felicidade” and “Insensatez.” This release is a real gem.

Various Artists, Euro Lounge

Euro Lounge is a shining, earbending collection of European chill-out music. The tracks range from excellent dancable hits, such as Italian singer Daniele Silvestri’s fast-paced “Sempre Di Domenica” and Italian group S-Tone Inc’s breezy “Limb,” to the South American/German group Mambotur’s Latinotronic “Salpica,” an exciting computer-generated mambo, son, salsa blend.

“Stojne Bre Mome Kocanasko,” performed by Macedonian folk singer Cnaja Lazarova, is a haunting, ambient-flavored number that evokes the ancient landscape of Eastern Europe. The Italian group Bossa Nostra’s “Jackie” is a lounge-pop imbued bossa beautifully sung by Bruna Loppez. “El Ultimo Habitante Del Planeta” by Spain’s Nacho Mastretta is a quirky, campy number where lounge music meets electronica, jazz and 1970s Italian film music. All in all, Euro Lounge is a stylish, flawless melding of tones and timeless art.

Various Artists, Global Soul

American R&B, soul and hip-hop have spread across the globe, acquiring many followers and inspiring musicians. In many cases these artists simply did not imitate what they heard, but added their own unique grooves. From Tanzania to Italy, Global Soul gives us a taste of some of the most capable R&B, soul and hip-hip performers from around the world.

France’s Melgroove’s “Jí attendrai” is a slick, funky number. Tasha’s “Beyond the Ocean” exhibits the lush, soulful grooves of South Korea.

The CDs best moment is “Ma Peau” by Canada’s Melanie Renaud, an excellent, soul-Quebecois infused creation. Brazil shows a strong knack for soul and hip-hop, as evidenced by Fernanda Abreu’s funky, smooth “Eu Ouero Sol” and Aricia Mess’ rousing “Tentei.”

For fans of R&B, soul and hip-hop, especially those looking for something different, this release is an essential purchase.

– Tim Pelzer (