FTAA protesters being released or calling from jail in Miami report excessive brutality, sexual assault and torture going on inside. People of color, queer and transgender prisoners are particularly being targeted. There is a confirmed report of one Latino man arrested along with 62 others outside Miami-Dade County Jail, Nov. 21, who has been hospitalized in intensive care for an injury he received after being beaten in the head with a nightstick by an arresting officer.

People have also been denied access to attorneys, visitation rights, and essential medication and medical attention.

* Call or e-mail Miami elected officials demanding charges be dropped and all prisoners released:

Mayor Manuel Diaz: (305) 250-5300 or 375-5071


State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle: (305) 547-0100

Chief of Police John Timoney: (305) 673-7925 or 579-6565

* Money is urgently needed to get people out of jail. Please send money to: United for Peace and Justice. Online donations: www.unitedforpeace.org/ftaadonate. Mail checks or money orders to: United for Peace and Justice/FTAA Fund, P.O. Box 607, Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108. Please specify Legal Fund in the memo field.