CHICAGO — A new political landmark will throw its doors open here, Feb. 12, for a gala open house. The Unity Center, operated by the Workers Education Society (WES), is a newly renovated “green” building, which is the new home of the People’s Weekly World editorial office.

Located in the working-class neighborhood of Bridgeport on the city’s south side, the Unity Center will house a resource center-library archiving its unique collection of thousands of historic pamphlets, books and documents on labor, African American and Marxist literature. It includes complete archives of the left-wing Lithuanian language newspaper The Vilnis and the DuSable editions of the Daily Worker.

The new center promises to be a hub of working-class ideological and political activity in the Midwest. The Communist Party and Young Communist League of Illinois have offices in the center, as does the party’s National Labor Commission. Neighborhood groups — Bridgeport Volunteers and Affordable Power to the People, which fights for fair and affordable heating rates — also work out of the center.

At the opening, the Workers Education Society will unveil an array of educational and action-oriented programs to take place in the coming months, including forums, schools, art exhibits and film showings, according to WES board member John Bachtell. For more information call (773) 446-9925.