Mexico, Feb 6 (Prensa Latina) A high-ranking military officer was wounded in an attack by a gang, just 48 hours after another Mexican general was assassinated in Cancun, Quintana Roo state. The general killed two of the gang members in self defense.

According to the police report, the attack against Major Gen. Rafael Flores happened in the capital’s southern Alvaro Obregon municipality. The general was expecting a woman who arrived followed by three men that attacked the officer.
Flores, 63 years old, was shot twice and is in a National Army hospital.

Besides killing two of the attackers he helped arrest three others that tried to assassinate him.

That violence occurred two days after the death of Gen. (r) Mauro E. Tello, whose mutilated corpse was found on one side of a road in the Caribbean Quintana Roo state, together with two other officers.

An Attorney General report said on Friday that a secret police-drug-dealer gang, related to the Zetas Group, which is the head of Beltran Leiva brothers’ cartel, is being investigated for the assassination of the officers.