Polls wrong, keep up the fight

Just got off the phone with friends. We have all — to a person — agreed that the polls have absolutely no logic. I travel the whole state regularly and have not seen one place where evidence would should me that Bush is leading.

I was in the Wooly Bear Festival (a huge one in Vermilion, Ohio), walking with the Sheet Metal Workers behind a big banner for Kerry. Vermilion has been cited by the corporate media polls as leaning Republican. The response was wonderful! Ten to one: Kerry over Bush. I had two rolls of the small Kerry/Edwards shirt/cap stickers. People kept asking for them and they were gone before one-third of the parade was over. We were cheered on every block. There were about seven or eight times that Bush supporters gave us a thumbs down or yelled at us, but every time that happened people all around them started applauding for us.

One friend just e-mailed us with her experience at the Apple Fest in Elyria, Ohio. Same thing. She manned the Kerry booth and was swamped with folks wanting signs, asking to volunteer. She said that the Bush booth was next to theirs and that it was like they were selling “boiled brussels sprout ice cream.”

We must get this information out. It is extremely important that anti-Bush folks keep their eyes on the prize, and not be distracted by the corporate media’s misdirection. Keep up the fight. We will win!

— Bruce Bostick from Ohio