Groundbreaking report confirms that Latinos in unions are better off

(WASHINGTON, DC)  Today, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA) published a groundbreaking report that confirms that Latino workers who are members of labor unions are much better off than their non-union peers. 

The report titled “Latino Workers and Unions: A Strategic Partnership for America’s Progress,” available in English and Spanish, reveals the latest data that shows how Latinos in unions earn higher wages, and have better benefits. The report reveals that Latinos in unions are much better off than Latinos who do not belong to a union. 

“Latino and immigrant workers are making significant contributions to our country, but are facing unprecedented challenges at the workplace and in their communities. Over 6.8 million Latino workers are earning poverty level wages and need the economic security the labor movement has ensured for America’s middle class,” said Hector Sanchez, LCLAA’s executive director. “This report highlights the important partnership that can be achieved through organizing to improve the quality of life for Latinos and strengthen America’s labor movement.” 

One of the most striking findings is that on average, Latinos that belong to a union earn $11,544 more than non-unionized Latinos. 

The report makes a compelling case for collective action as a way to empower Latino workers and to give better opportunities for future generations. 

“As a bilingual Latino organizer, I know firsthand that in order for unions to succeed, we have to engage Latino workers in a bold way,” said Eric Alfaro, LCLAA’s Young Latinos United chair. “Union’s give Latinos a voice at the job and lift us out of poverty.” 

This bilingual report contains a section titled “Know your rights at the workplace” that offers useful labor rights advice to workers, including information on joining a labor union and a worker center. 

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Photo: Paul Sakuma/AP