CHICAGO — Grupo Yubá, a multigenerational dance and music ensemble, presents the first “bomba” and “plena” CD produced in Chicago.

The CD is a production of Grupo Yubá, a leadership program of the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center, and the first folkloric group in Chicago that focuses on promoting the African-influenced musical genre in Puerto Rico of the bomba and plena.

Grupo Yubá was founded in 1989 to help youth understand their heritage and culture. In the last 15 years, this group of volunteers has performed before countless audiences of all ages and racial, cultural and professional backgrounds.

“Their exceptional performances and volunteer services have inspired the development of other newly created bomba groups in the city and provided a great sense of pride in our community,” said Andres Briganti, Ruiz Belvis board president.

The CD features 10 original songs written by Elisamuel Rodriguez, Grupo Yubá director, and highlights the master drumming and vocal talents of the young performers.

Mirely Rodriguez, who coordinated the CD production, told the World that Grupo Yubá proposes “to use this CD as a marketing and educational tool to support the Center’s initiative to create ‘life culture’ and promote understanding between the varied cultural, racial and ethnic groups of Chicago.”

Elisamuel Rodriguez commented, “Through cultural expression we support the struggle of all people who fight for their rights, their dignity and a more just society.”

For more information about “Chicago Sabe a Bomba y Plena con Grupo Yubá” CD, call (773) 235-3988 or log on to Segundo Ruiz Belviz Cultural Center’s website