PHILADELPHIA – Friends and comrades from Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware gathered to celebrate Harriet Fahey’s 100th birthday, Dec. 29, at Fahey’s nursing home residence. There were balloons, punch and a huge birthday cake. Fahey received a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Legislature of Pennsylvania introduced by Rep. Curtis Thomas and another from Phila. Councilman David Cohen.

Harriet was all smiles. “You know what I miss doing most of all?” asked Fahey. “Giving out the People’s Weekly World.”

Harriet Fahey served as the chair of the Communist Party’s press committee for years and was also a member of the Eastern Pa./Delaware District Committee. She is a faithful and devoted supporter of the PWW and its predecessor, The Daily World.

A small woman, under five feet, Fahey has a big heart and lots of energy. She was an office worker for most of her life, first at a publishing company, then for United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE). Fahey has been active in many civil rights struggles and the peace movement, as a member of Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

After retirement she tutored students and received an award from the School District of Philadelphia. While participating in a demonstration, she fell and broke her hip and since then her activities were limited. “Politics has been her life and you could always depend on her to be informed about every election,” said her friend Buddy Stensky. “She enjoys gardening and has a green thumb.”

“Happy Birthday, Harriet. We love you!” friends and comrades said.

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