The People’s Weekly World / Nuestro Mundo has added a new subscription rate, helping readers build the paper. Now, for only $45 per year, readers can get a “solidarity pack” subscription. With this offer, they get two papers a week—one to read, and the other to give to a friend or ally.

Even though the PWW successfully completed a circulation drive in February, increasing its subscription base by 35 percent, staff, volunteers and supporters don’t want the incredible growth in readership to stop.

“Unlike other papers, our readers are key to growing the circulation of the PWW,” said Dan Margolis, the paper’s business and circulation manager. “We don’t have millions of corporate dollars for glitzy promotions, but we have something that other publications only wish they could have: a dedicated core of readers who are intent on seeing the paper grow.”

Carol, a teacher in Brooklyn, loves the idea. “I have a parent who comes in to help out in the classroom, and I show her my copy of the PWW each week,” Carol said. “Now I have an extra paper that I can give her each week, for her to take home. After a few months, I’m going to try to sell her her own subscription. I think she’ll buy it.”

“Our readers are at the forefront of struggles for healthcare, civil rights, democracy and all sorts of things, all across the country,” said Margolis. “They are rank-and-file workers, elected and union officials, peace activists and others. If they’re able to build such a broad movement, they can sell the PWW, because it’s so complementary to their work. We’re just giving them the tools to do it.”

To start your own Solidarity Pack subscription, call 646-437-5362, or e-mail