Dear readers,

The task is pretty awesome. Defeat the most reactionary administration in our lifetime and raise $200,000 to keep the revolutionary, working-class press going. How can you do both?

Well, many of you are.

From Labor Day through Dec. 15 the People’s Weekly World holds its annual fund drive. This year, immersed in the defeat Bush movement, the PWW’s friends are organizing banquets, picnics, phone-banking and forums to raise money and mobilize the dump-Bush vote.

• “Beat back Bush” is the theme of the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo banquet in Northern California’s Greater Bay Area. Labor, peace and solidarity organizations and their leaders will headline the Oct. 8 program.

• In the electoral battleground state of Missouri, Friends of the People’s Weekly World is hosting an Oct. 15 forum on “Working-Class Media and Democracy.”

• Readers and supporters in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, area will be munching barbecue — taking a break from door-to-door election work — on Sept. 26 at their annual PWW picnic where I’ll be speaking on “Cuba and the Elections.”

Our editorial board, staff, volunteers and distributors are working hard to bring you the best fighting working-class tool to use in the struggles against corporate greed and the ultra-right. These next few weeks are critical. We will continue to hit hard on the issues and highlight the important differences between the two candidates. We will feature the thousands doing the vital door-to-door work of voter registration, education and mobilization. We will provide critical voter information on “election protection,” especially in the African American, Latino, Asian and Native American communities.

Just like every vote counts — every gift counts:

• A gift of $1,000 will get the PWW into 2,000 more people’s hands.

• A contribution of $500 will cover a reporter’s expenses traveling to Midwest “battleground” states.

• $250 will help produce one original centerfold poster.

• $100 will pay for a one-year gift subscription to a library, union local or other institution.

• A gift of $50, $25, or $10 or under adds up and helps pay for advertising,

reporters’ tools and production costs.

The People’s Weekly World will celebrate its 80th anniversary year with a special commemorative issue. Give today to celebrate that accomplishment and keep us going for the next 80 years.

In peace, solidarity and struggle,

Terrie Albano