WHEREAS: César Chávez, founder of the United Farmworkers of America, was one of the heroic figures of the 20th century, leading a five- year boycott of grapes, which led to the first union contracts for farm workers and the passage of California’s Agricultural Labor Relations Act, and

WHEREAS: Chávez is a beloved hero of the Mexican American people, the labor movement and, indeed, of all people who believe in justice, and

WHEREAS: Chávez’ March 31 birthday is a celebrated holiday in many states, and

WHEREAS: The state of California made it a paid holiday and day of service and learning in the public schools, and

WHEREAS: Our nation would be well served to pass legislation similar to California’s which would establish an official national holiday in memory of this great leader, and

WHEREAS: Many lessons can be learned from the life of Chávez, who like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was an adherent to non-violent civil disobedience and led many strikes and boycotts for his righteous cause, and

WHEREAS: Chávez was also an early environmentalist, warning the public of the devastating effects of pesticides on both farm workers and consumers, and

WHEREAS: Chávez fought for the rights of immigrants, refusing to let the forces of agri-business and racism scapegoat immigrant workers, now therefore be it

RESOLVED: That we, the undersigned, honor Chávez and want to send a clear message to Bush, Ashcroft and other ultra-right forces that we refuse their attempts to polarize our nation using anti-immigrant racism and increased racial profiling in the wake of Sept. 11, and be it finally

RESOLVED: That we demand amnesty for all immigrants, a national paid holiday honoring Chávez and that all candidates running in the 2002 elections reject racism and all forms of racial profiling.

Alice Z. Frazier

Sarah Alchermes

Joseph Teague Chandler

Maria Montes Fink

Francis G. Fink

David Trujillo

Enrique Berumen

Violet Russell

Cordy D. Cooke RN

Fred Gaboury

Raymond Neirinckx

Betty Smith

Salt of the Earth

Labor College

Seligson Family

Joelle Fishman

Harold Heller

Lilo Heller

Larry Klein

Betzi La Marche

Frances Siegel

Joel Wendland

Stanley Perlo

Ellen Perlo

Northern Westchester Club

Dolores Perenyi

John Perenyi

Lorenzo Torrez

Anita Torrez

James Millard

Laura R. Ross

Gary Dotterman

Jackie Lavalle

Stanley Faulkner

George Harrison

Howard Silverberg

Rosita Johnson

New York

Communist Party

Reference Center for Marxist Studies

Shereen Newash

Shelby Richardson, Jr.

Fovce Whitney

Hasan Newash

Carolyn A. Black

William Appelhans

Frank Lumpkin

Norm Roth

Emile Schepers

Paul Kaczocha

Lance Cohn

Bea Lumpkin

Kenneth Appelhans

Estevan Nembhard

Dee Myles

William A. Gudex

William Mackovich

Kevin Linderman

Cathy Campo

Emil Shaw

Rose Shaw

Roberta Wood

Scott Marshall

April Smith

Jim Pita

Lee Cain

John Line

Lasker Smith

Eileen Reardon

George Robbins

Nicholas Robbins

Buffalo Friends of the PWW

Armando Ramirez

San Diego Club of the

Communist Party USA

Juan Lopez

Marilyn Bechtel

Arnold Becchetti

Herb Kransdorf

Karen Talbot

Carolyn Royce Trowbridge

Keith Bagwell

New Jersey District of the Communist Party

Jersey City Club

Marina Anttila

Hans Lilledahl

Bill Chandler

Anne Trojan

Rob Wilbanks

Arthur Perlo

Janet Quaife

Miguel Enloquecer

Moncena Rowley

Erwin Marquit

Doris Marquit

Bill Comiskey

Herb Clements

Michelle Blom

St. Paul, Minn. Club CPUSA

Minneapolis, Minn. Club CPUSA

Edith Woodard

Ruth Emerson

Edie Fishman

George Fishman

Richard Grassl

Michele Artt

Abe Zuckerman

Lucy Stein

Carl Reinstein

Stella Reinstein

George M. Greenberg

Diane Mohney

John Vago

Roger Keeran

Ray Leos

Kelly McConnell

Esther Cicconi

Steve Regalado

Flo Regalado

Daniel Morales

Art Edelman

William C. Taylor Club

Brian McAuliffe

Rose McAuliffe

Arch Gillette

Shirley Gillette

Evelina Alarcon

Art Rodriguez

Terrie Albano

John Bachtell

Denise Winebrenner Edwards

George Edwards

Pittsburgh Club of the Communist Party

Leon Swimmer

Evangeline Swan

Larry McGurty

Carmen Figueroa Cohn

Ann Taylor

Sid Taylor

Aisha Anderson-


Seth Anderson-Obeman

Tim Wheeler

Joyce Wheeler

Tony Topolski

Joann Topolski

The Baltimore Northeast Club

Marjorie Smith

Jim Baldridge

Margaret Baldridge

Morgan Wheeler

Tina (ACE) Wheeler

Mark J. Almberg

Mark A. Luciano

Randy Willis

Earl Harju

Richard Giovanoni

Jen Barnett

Israel Smith

Bill Davis

Carolyn Rummel

Elena Mora

Sam Webb

Judith Le Blanc

Noel Rabinowitz

Libero Della Piana

Lee Dlugin

Pat Barile

Joe Sims

Jarvis Tyner

Jose Cruz

Todd Tollefson

Esther Moroze

Shane McEvoy

Carole Marks

Grace Bassett