I had nuff
of politician’s bluff
slangin’ empty promises
on the maid-2-order line
under the guise of sumthin good
like leave no child behind

Hold up swine!
Press Rewind
Wasn’t it you who
put the lashes on the backs
of my kind?
Got my mamma workin’
her fingers to the rind!

How ‘bout leavin’ no child behind
Helpin’ ‘em reach for the stars
not Star Wars
trying to level out your
oil desperate scores

Succumbing to the threat
of your billy-clubbing police force
their financial aid debt getting worse
lured by the white horse
that came in on your federal concourse

In dis country it’s easy to make
a livin’ killin’ folks
turning your bureaucratic cheeks
to a couple of tokes
better yet, lock ‘em up
make his life suck
then you’d get paid
for all the dreams you delayed

Make him hungry
and hand him a gun
You can blame his parents
when you’re done

Making his family pay taxes
but with no decent job
Keepin’ up with the Jones’
inciting him to rob.

You say you got no money
for books
but I wunda how much money
those weapons took

You say you got no money to
fix the streets in my community
but what about all the boots
on the cadets in Unit B?

Tryin’ to holla at the boys on
da stoop
to don rifles and cross
your “so called” shining sea
with false hopes
of supporting their family

But you forgot
to mention
their forefathers fell prey
to the same deception

In DC there’s a wall
naming dozens of
beautiful black, brown, and yellow
men who once stood tall
and for this country learned
the true art of how to fall

You taught us to pray
You taught us to slay
but the real strong soldiers
taught us to think for ourselves
Put bureaucratic hypocrisy on the

We’re much more
than your average savage
Just ‘cause you can pursue a
rape and pillage
makin’ the world your village
don’t mean the masses of
won’t form a majority
Join hands and demand a recall
to truly achieve
liberty and justice for all!!

– Melissa Chadburn (ycl@yclusa.org)