Ive Always Paid My Taxes

Lyrics by Santa Cruz WILPF Raging Grannies; adapted by Sunny Armer of the NYC Metro RGs

Tune: The Yellow Rose of Texas

I’ve always paid my taxes,

I paid them right on time,

I never even cheated,

I coughed up every dime.

But now I know my money goes,

To bail out A-I-G

So they can hand out bonuses!

I’m mad as I can be.

I use to think my taxes went,

For things that made us great,

Like schools and roads and health care,

And grand affairs of state.

But now I know they’re giving dough,

To thieves who steal us blind,

So I demand my money back,

From pockets too well lined.

Tell Congress that your taxes,

Were not for CEOs,

But giving jobs to workers,

Who need much more of those.

Let’s reach into those pockets,

And without any fuss,

Shake all of our tax dollars out,

And make them work for us!