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Don’t Make Me Rip Those Chicken Feathers Off You

When I look at pictures of my grandmothers from back in their hey day I feel proud. They were all strong women. You could see it in their eyes. I have one picture in particular of my Great, Great Grandma Molly and her daughters, Great Grandmothers Julie and Louise (married names). In the picture they are tired; hands bandaged and holding blades. They were “ga bla-ing” meat, cutting it thin and spreading it out to dry. The sheets of meat are hanging behind them. As much as the boarding school tried to colonize them, they still carried this tradition with them.

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Black Lives Matter stand in Solidarity with Indigenous People’s Day

Seattle Black organizers and activists stand in solidarity with Indigenous people who denounce Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus was not a hero to be celebrated, but in fact contributed to the ethnic genocide of one people and the kidnapping and enslavement of another. We, Black people, know the history of having our loved ones, cultures, and identities taken from us.

To begin to repair the effects of white settler colonialism on Indigenous and people of African descent we must eradicate the symbols and emblems of the white colonialism that stand today.

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With massive win, expectations high Trudeau will deliver on big promises to Indigenous peoples

Justin Trudeau rode a red tidal wave Monday that began in Atlantic Canada before sweeping across the country to give his party a majority government mandate.

Now, with the levers of power at his disposal, Trudeau faces high expectations he will move on the major promises he made during the campaign and some of the biggest were made to Indigenous peoples.

During his victory speech at his Montreal riding of Papineau, Trudeau pledged to build a “nation-to-nation” relationship with the Indigenous peoples in Canada.

The Liberals obliterated the NDP and pushed the Conservatives into opposition. Conservative leader Stephen Harper has indicated he will be stepping down from his leadership post, while NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s future remains unclear.

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Siksika Nation Runs Out Of Ballots

Voters from the Siksika First Nation faced long waits and some were even turned away on election day after the Alberta community’s polling station ran out of ballots.

Siksika First Nation, located just southeast of Calgary, received 400 ballots for a population of 7,200 residents, reported APTN.

Voters waiting at the Siksika community centre reported on Twitter that there were major issues in casting a ballot.

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Chasing Lost Innocence: Healing After Sexual Abuse

Sunny Red Bear lost it all but is still standing tall. At 28, she has overcome years of sexual and emotional abuse by her adoptive white father, a subsequent court trial and guilty plea for her abuser, alcoholism, recovery and the birth of her son. It was only recently, however, that she moved beyond mere survival. She realized that in order to truly heal, she needed to call back her innocence, the spirit that had been chased away by her abuser and all that followed.

“I can’t really see you when I look at you,” a medicine man told Red Bear. “You are blurry as though standing in a cloud.”

She and the medicine man agreed that she needed to go through the Lakota Calling Your Spirit Back ceremony, which she did in 2012.

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Photo: Dana Lone Hill’s grandmothers, the women of her tribe.



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