Props. 73 through 78 are endorsed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his corporate right-wing allies. Vote NO! on Props. 73 – 78.

Prop. 73: Waiting period and parental notification before termination of a minor’s pregnancy.

Prop. 74: Would make new teachers wait five years before achieving permanent status, and would make firing permanent teachers easier.

Prop. 75: “Paycheck deception act.” Would require public workers unions to get written permission yearly from each member before their dues money could be used for political activities. Similar to Prop. 226, which applied to all unions and was decisively defeated in 1998.

Prop. 76: Gives the governor significant unilateral powers to cut the budget. Overturns voter-approved Prop. 98 to guarantee minimum funding for education. Would result in cuts to education, health, firefighters and police.

Prop. 77: Places responsibility for redistricting in the hands of a panel of retired judges, instead of the state Legislature.
Prop. 78: Prescription drug initiative written by big pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies could enter a voluntary prescription drug discount program. Fewer people would be served by Prop. 78 than by Prop. 79.

Props. 79 and 80 are backed by the labor-community Alliance for a Better California, which is leading the drive to defeat the governor’s anti-people propositions. These two propositions are opposed by Gov. Schwarzenegger and his supporters. Vote YES! On Props. 79 and 80.

Prop. 79: Initiated by the broad Health Access coalition, it would create a drug discount program requiring participation by drug manufacturers if they wish to sell drugs through the state’s Medi-Cal program. It provides significant discounts for seniors, families, small businesses and the state, and would serve more people than Prop. 78.

Prop. 80: Re-regulates electricity by making electric service providers subject to regulation by the California Public Utilities Commission, and requires all retail sellers of electric power to increase renewable energy by 2010.