Iran deal popular with constituents of undecided representatives

A new Public Policy Polling survey of voters in 23 states/Congressional districts whose Representatives have been on the fence about the Iran deal over the last few weeks finds that the agreement is popular, and that voters want their elected officials to vote to move it forward.

Key findings from the survey include:

55  percent of voters across the 23 states/districts support the proposed deal to only 39 percent who are opposed. There is overwhelming favor for it with Democratic voters- 72 percent of them support it, compared to only 23 percent who say they’re against it. There are very few voters intensely opposed to the deal- just 32 percent of voters overall, and 18 percent of Democrats, say they ‘strongly oppose it.’ And it has support from critical independent voters- 50 percent are in favor to 44 percent opposed.

-57 percent of Jewish voters support the deal, to only 37 percent who are opposed. The 20 point margin in support of the agreement among Jewish voters in these districts matches what a J Street poll found among Jewish voters nationally in July right after the agreement was reached. Both surveys found that Jewish voters are slightly more supportive of the deal even than the population as a whole.

Voters want their Senators/Representatives to vote to allow the agreement to go forward. Only 40 percent of voters think they should vote to block the agreement from being implemented, compared to 52 percent who say they want them to vote to allow the agreement to go forward. Again the Democratic base is heavily in favor of moving the agreement forward, with 69 percent saying they hope their elected officials will vote for it.

The takeaways from this poll are clear- voters are firmly behind the Iran deal and they want their Senators/Representatives to vote to approve it. And both of those things are especially true when it comes to Democratic voters. Supporting the Iran deal is the best thing politically for the Senators and House members in these districts.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 13,578 registered voters in AL-7, AZ-1, CA-26, CA-31, CA-33, CA-36, FL-18, FL-22, IA-2, statewide in Maryland, MD-2, MD-3, MD-6, statewide in Michigan, NE-2, statewide in New Jersey, NV-1, NY-8, OH-9, RI-1, RI-2, WA-1, and WA-6 between August 26 and 31 on behalf of Americans United for Change. The survey’s margin of error is +/-0.8  percent.

Photo: Obama talks Iran deal in Washington.  |  AP



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