The following is a statement issued June 13 by the Tudeh Party of Iran, titled: “Coup d’etat of a deceitful and backward regime against the will of millions of Iranians”

To our vigilant compatriots!

Your great participation in tens of millions has once again turned the tenth presidential election into a referendum against the backward-looking and deceitful regime. Millions of Iranians stood in long queues holding green flags as a sign of protest against the bankrupt despotic rule of the Spiritual Leader and his cronies. This has shaken the mendacious regime to such an extent that its leaders, fearful of the repetition of 2nd Khordad [reformist president Mohammad Khatami’s election in 1997], have ordered their repressive forces in the major cities to crush the will of the majority by organizing a quasi-military coup. The attacks by the security forces against the thousands of young people pouring into the streets protesting against the regime’s charade, along with the forced closure of Mousavi’s campaign headquarters and combined with the threats issued by the Revolutionary Guards to suppress any protest, are all indicators of a heavy defeat suffered by the regime’s leadership on the 12th of June.

Both presidential candidates, Mousavi and Karroubi, have declared the poll’s results as null and void, stating that they will not leave the stage. The obvious poll rigging and fixing of millions of ballots in Ahmadinejad’s name which was followed by [Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei’s confirmations of the election results shows that the spiritual leader and his armed militias are the organizers of the state-sponsored violence against the will of millions of Iranians. This electoral charade indeed points to a turning point in the way the regime intends to deal with its opponents and it clearly demonstrates that even the so-called “insider critics” will not be allowed even limited political activities.

Khamenei’s threatening statement is effectively a warning to the presidential candidates, demanding their surrender in the face of the reaction, and that they abandon the arena.

In recent weeks the Tudeh Party of Iran has repeatedly warned against the sinister plans of the repressive forces preparing to crush the people’s will. We asked all national forces and those struggling for liberty to unite in a common cause in opposing the regime’s plans.

We must not let the powerful might of the people, which has enraged and petrified the reactionaries, to be eroded, and must prevent people’s retreat in disillusionment, giving the arena back to the reactionary forces. All social and political forces of the country should declare the poll’s results as void and use all means to voice their protests against this deception perpetrated by the Spiritual Leader and his armed cronies. By broadening and organizing the struggle we must put the ruling regime under pressure. Accepting these election results would be a betrayal of the people’s vote and would be tantamount to collusion with a deceitful and backward regime.

Our vigilant compatriots!

The leaders of this regime have ruled by brute force and by betraying the goals of the Revolution, now they are about to carry out a coup d’etat against the people. The powerful presence of millions of Iranians and their protest can thwart this disgraceful machination and save our country from a serious danger.

Issued by the Central Committee of Tudeh Party of Iran, June 13, 2009.