Following are brief excerpts from the communique issued by the Iraqi Communist Party after its Aug. 15 meeting.

The meeting paid exceptional attention to the mounting dangers threatening our people and country, in connection with the escalating political-information and military campaign of the U.S. administration, which – as repeatedly declared – is aimed at demolishing the dictatorial regime.

This campaign at the same time reflects an internal need for the U.S. administration, in relation to the forthcoming elections in November and the desire to cover up the successive scandals of big American companies, as well as to promote new security measures constituting a return to McCarthyism.

Added to this is the need to deflect attention away from the aggravating situation in Palestine and the crimes being committed there by Israeli rulers. All this comes against the background of the ongoing debate about the strategy of “pre-emptive strikes” adopted by the U.S. administration instead of the strategy of “containment” used throughout the past period. In this context officials in Washington have stressed that the attack will happen in any case, even if the regime agrees to the return of U.N. weapons inspectors!

Information published in recent weeks has revealed the intention to keep a large part of the troops participating in the expected attack positioned in Iraqi territories for many years to come. This exposes an evident desire to exercise direct control of the future development of the country, pushing it in a direction suitable with American views and plans, so as to reshape the situation in the area in accordance with strategic interests of the United States.

Parallel to this escalation and preparation for war by the U.S., voices opposed to it have been mounting from governments, social movements, political forces and sections of world public opinion. Obviously, the effect of this broad and growing front of opposition to a military strike, or its size and timing, cannot be ignored. This front has been stressing the need to respect international legitimacy and the U.N. Charter and resolutions, and reject American unilateralism.

Regarding the schemes put forward for overthrowing the regime and drawing the features of Iraq’s future, the meeting drew attention to the grave dangers caused by reliance on the war option and foreign military intervention as a means for change. Numerous experiences have proved that they leave behind death, destruction and tragedies, and do not bring about democracy. Achieving democracy relies mainly on the participation by the masses of people and their political forces in the process of change.

The meeting stressed that achieving change is a task for our people and their armed forces, led by the alliance of patriotic opposition forces.

The meeting once again stressed the need to redouble efforts to develop the conditions ensuring the overthrow of the dictatorial regime and achieving the democratic patriotic alternative. This is the alternative which must be prepared for by a transitional democratic coalition government that includes the principal forces and currents in the country.

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