Statement of the Iraqi Communist Party

In yet another evil and criminal attempt by the enemies of Iraq, the enemies of national unity, a gang of criminals carried out a bomb attack on the shrines of Imams Ali Al-Hadi and Hassan Al-Askari, in Samaraa. The aim is to ignite the flames of sectarian sedition among the Iraqi people and destroy their national unity that we all strive to preserve. The loss of this unity would mean the loss of Iraq, as a land, a people and a civilization.

While expressing strongest condemnation of this criminal act, we call upon all our people, of all religious sects and nationalities, to remain resilient and show a high sense of responsibility, and shun vengeful tendencies. The criminals must not be allowed to achieve their aim of destroying Iraq and shedding more blood. Every effort must be made to preserve our national unity, so that we can eliminate terrorism and terrorists, and continue our march to build a democratic and prosperous Iraq.

We also call upon the government to shoulder its full responsibility by pursuing the criminals, apprehending and putting them to trial to receive just punishment, as well as ensuring security.

Let us all unite and stand firmly together against the terrorists and murderers, and those behind them, and all those who strive to destroy our national unity. Let us work with full determination and perseverance to foil this hellish scheme, that has failed up to now, and must continue to fail. We must double our efforts to preserve and consolidate Iraqi national unity, build a tolerant peaceful Iraq that enjoys peace, harmony and democracy.

22 February 2006