Tel Aviv, May 6 (Prensa Latina) Israeli planes bombed underground tunnels on the southern Gaza border with Egypt, with Tel Aviv describing a UN report as biased which denounces Israeli aggressions against UN offices in the area. Israeli military planes flew over the Philadelphia Corridor separating Gaza from the Egyptian Sinai and destroyed three arm traffic routes to Gaza, with no victims reported, according to Israeli military forces and Palestinian media reports.

The latest bombing occurred in the border locality of Rafah after Israeli planes launched several missiles at the Al-Burij refugee camp, in an eastern Palestinian territory, according to witnesses and Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) leaders.

Israel justified the attacks as a response to Qassam rocket launchings from the Strip, which hit southern Ashkelon, with no victims reported.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Ministry rejected a UN report that considers Israeli troops responsible for damages and deaths (45) in six attacks against UN facilities, including a school in Gaza.

In Tel Aviv’s opinion, ‘the language and spirit of the UN document are obviously biased and ignore the facts presented to the committee,’ despite the known effects of the Israeli offensive that left 6,700 victims in Dec 2008 and January 2009.