Its good to be reminded Why you should support the PWW

NEW YORK — A year ago, an article appeared in the People’s Weekly World announcing the beginning of the annual PWW/Nuestro Mundo Fund Drive.

“Readers and supporters of the People’s Weekly World,” read the article, “are wasting no time.”

The triumphantly-toned article continued, “The 2007 Fund Drive kicks off on Labor Day, yet readers have already raised $44,000 — more than 20 percent of the drive’s $200,000 goal.”

In 2006, in the same spot there was an article heralding the successful kickoff of the 2006 campaign: “$30,000 jump starts the PWW fund drive.”

Obviously, in the past few years the trend has been up — and this year is no different: as of August 30, the 2008 drive, which didn’t’ start until September 1, had already netted nearly $60,000, or 30 percent of its $200,000 goal.

The $60,000 represents more than it would have in 2007. Local Friends of the PWW committees, which, along with subscribers and other readers, generate the overwhelming majority of the PWW’s income, are already spending more in another way: Because of the skyrocketing costs of materials and shipping, the cost local committees pay for bulk orders, or bundles, of the paper was doubled.

Why are more people doing so much more to build the financial well being of the PWW?

“One of our readers from Brooklyn said it in a letter with a contribution,” said PWW Editor Terrie Albano. “He said, ‘Your articles on the mess in Georgia, the 1968 Olympics, Bolivia, labor and racism are stuff that can’t be gotten anywhere else! Sometimes I forget how valuable and courageous the PWW is. It’s good to be reminded of that.’”

The fund drive will help to continue the PWW’s budding online presence. Already, much has been done, including daily updates, and live, on-the-spot coverage of the Democratic National Convention, the first time this paper has been able to cover such an event in real time. There are changes coming to the print edition as well.

To donate, call 646-437-5363, go to , or send a check (payable to PWW) to 235 West 23rd St Floor 8, New York, NY 10011.