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Marilyn Bechtel | PW

Millions are alarmed by Trump’s election. Tens of thousands are taking to the streets and governors, mayors, cultural performers and artists are standing up and fighting the Trump agenda. Women are planning a mass protest at the inauguration.

Other struggles are in need of fair and accurate news coverage as well. Two of our reporters, Michelle Zacarias and Earchiel Johnson, just returned from a reporting trip to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota to cover the escalating standoff between the Water Protectors and Big Oil at the Dakota Access pipeline site. People’s World is proud to cover this important struggle for environmental justice.

In story after story, is giving voice to the rising movements to defend democracy.

People’s World exposed Trump throughout the election, challenging his misogyny, classism, racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, homophobia and lies. People’s World told the story of how the people’s coalition led by labor was shaping the issues and mobilizing the vote.

The People’s World offers the truth at a time when “fake news” is invading social media and creating confusion and demoralization.

Our original reporting costs money. Please make a generous contribution on #GivingTuesday to ensure we can continue to report the real news to a larger audience in the battle against the Trump Administration.

Trump has hired Steven K. Bannon, former CEO of Breitbart News, the racist website which energized white supremacists during the campaign. Breitbart News is poised to become the “ministry of information,” mobilizing Trump supporters and sowing lies in the battles ahead.

Such involvement of a white nationalist and white supremacist leader in the White House is dangerous and the danger is made even more acute with the news of the newly emboldened, fascistic “alt-right” movement.

Millions of Trump voters relied exclusively on Fox News, Breitbart News, hate talk radio for their news and information. These media outlets served as a free propaganda arm of the Trump campaign.

These times call for a bigger voice, one that can reach more people. The Sunday before Election Day, we published an article by Roberta Wood headlined: “Feds find Trump guilty on eve of election.” That article went viral and was viewed by over 250,000 people.

Our goal is to consistently reach that size audience and much more! Please make it possible by making a contribution on #GivingTuesday to People’s World.

Authoritarianism intimidates the media into silence.

But we stand with you: we will not be silenced.

Please be generous with your support for on #GivingTuesday. Your donation will help us to continue reporting from places like Standing Rock, ND; Flint, MI; Washington, DC; New Orleans, LA; and everywhere that people struggle for justice.


Warm wishes to you and your families over this holiday season.

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