JERSEY CITY, N.J. – On Jan. 16, about 40 people gathered in front of City Hall here to participate in a press conference called by Hudson County Coalition for Peace and Justice to present a resolution against the war on Iraq.

Councilwoman Mary Donnelly, the sponsor of the resolution, said that “the people of the United States are not sure if the war is to do away with terrorists, or to take care of the president’s friends and their oil interests.”

“Currently our cities are in real financial danger – and terrorist danger. Yet the president is going to spend billions of dollars a day to send our city kids to die in a desert fighting people who can hardly feed themselves,” Donnelly said.

“The president should be concerned about big business terrorists, who have ruined the economy and raided the savings and pension funds of the working people of this country,” Concilwoman Donnelly insisted. Instead of spending billions of dollars on the war, “the president should spend a few bucks securing our cities and fighting Wall Street terrorists and robber barons there,” she added.

The resolution, which is scheduled to be brought before the Jersey City Council on Jan. 22, demands that “no war against Iraq be undertaken unless it is a response to a direct military attack by Iraq upon United States soil.”

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