Jewish community in Cuba holds gala for world peace

HAVANA, Cuba – The Jewish Community Center of Cuba held a cultural gala for peace on Sunday, September 21, in an action calling for a better future for all nations of the world.

Center vice-president David Prinstein gave the opening remarks of the gala as he stressed that “each one of us may express through the arts the need for peace to prevail on our planet.” He called for unity, social justice and racial equality around the world.

Under the slogan “The Wish of All Hearts,” inspired by a phrase from the writings of poet José Martí, considered the great Cuban national hero, the gala comprised a varied program of songs, costumes, dances and tunes belonging to different religions, in an act of ecumenical integration.

Jewish leaders appeared in a video conference in which they stressed the need for unity through statements such as “Peace begins with a smile,” or “Work also helps to establish peace,” and “Let’s raise love and not hatred.”

Toward the end of the gala, the head of the Cuban Communist Party’s Religious Affairs Office, Caridad Diego, said that after having enjoyed the event, “the wishes from our hearts have risen up against all kinds of wars, since with art we can show the world how to fight for peace.”

The event closed with a video including the statement by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro saying, “Something has to be done to save humanity. A better world is possible.”

Photo: Roberto Morejon, Cuban News Agency



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