Journalism is in danger—be part of the rescue
Daily News employees picket outside the newspaper's headquarters at 1412 Broadway, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2024, in New York. | Peter K. Afriyie/AP

According to news reports, 2023 was the worst year for journalism since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Nearly 3,000 journalism jobs were slashed last year, with more to follow in 2024. Despite a number of large corporate outlets being owned by billionaires like Jeff Bezos (The Washington Post), John Henry (The Boston Globe), and others, it does not seem like these rich folk have any answers when it comes to protecting an industry in peril—nor does it seem like it is in their interest to do so. But does that mean quality journalism as we know it is heading towards extinction?

Not if People’s World has anything to say about it.

The publication has spent the last 100 years taking the side of working-class people while reporting the news in a way that informs and empowers readers. It is a publication that is not beholden to corporate interests, with a millionaire looming over it, looking for ways to horde wealth while cutting corners on quality journalism. There are no AI-generated “articles” to be found on the pages of People’s World!

Yet, that doesn’t mean that the publication exists in a vacuum.

Greedy capitalists and power-hungry politicians aim to gut professional journalism by pushing a narrative that people are more interested in cat videos on their social media timelines rather than who might end up as the next president of the United States. Tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are allowed to have their massive social media platforms suppress the reach of legitimate news outlets unless they’re willing to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars for advertisement placement. People’s World exists in rough waters, where being an independent publication means fighting against the tidal waves of misinformation, suppression, and right-wing extremism that are fueled by those in power who don’t want the free press to hold them accountable.

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It may seem like each year, we mention how high the stakes are when it comes to protecting and championing quality journalism, but that’s because each year, it remains the truth.

Former President Donald Trump was removed from office in 2020, but even now, in 2024, Trump— a man facing not one but four criminal indictments—may end up in the White House again. The GOP continues its far-right extremism, aiming to gut many of the programs that working people fought to have. Many people still feel the pinch of inflation and raised prices on housing and groceries, even as the corporate press would have them believe the economy is amazing.

People’s World reports on all these issues and more as we continue to support our news colleagues who are taking it to the picket lines to protest against the unfair treatment and dismissals they are experiencing at the publications they work at.

Journalism is in danger, but that doesn’t mean it is beyond rescue. The way that’s done is through supporting publications that are still fighting the good fight when it comes to holding those in power accountable. The publications that ask the hard questions and, above all else, have the best interests of the 99% in mind when choosing the news that fills our pages.

That’s People’s World and has been for a century. It’s a living history and one we continue with pride. But that won’t happen if we can’t fund this endeavor. This 2024 Fund Drive is essential to the continued existence of this publication. Your donation is an active contribution to the rescue of quality journalism.

This path of advocacy journalism has never been an easy one, but it’s made possible by readers like you, who know that the alternative would be a future of fascism and further oppression. People’s World still has a lot of fight left in it, and with your help, we can do this for another 100 years.

Chauncey K. Robinson

Peoples World Social Media Editor

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Chauncey K. Robinson
Chauncey K. Robinson

Chauncey K. Robinson is an award winning journalist and film critic. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, she has a strong love for storytelling and history. She believes narrative greatly influences the way we see the world, which is why she's all about dissecting and analyzing stories and culture to help inform and empower the people.