Lenny Kravitz got a lot of flak last year for promoting a peace song via Rock the Vote when it turned out he hadn’t voted in over a decade. Since then, the rocker has changed his tune and says he’s learned his lesson – and looks forward to voting in this year’s presidential election.

“The couple years I didn’t vote, I had kind of lost the feeling,” Kravitz said. “I was like, ‘Man, this is all ridiculous.’ But I realized that I was wrong. To take those years off and not vote was absolutely wrong.”

Probably no one would have noticed that Kravitz wasn’t voting – after all, he played many of the Democratic fundraisers for Al Gore during the 2000 campaign. But when he offered “We Want Peace” as a free download on the Rock the Vote site, the Smoking Gun web site took Kravitz to task and posted his voting history, or lack thereof.

Kravitz registered in New York in October 1992 and voted in that year’s presidential election, but hadn’t voted since. When reached for a response, Kravitz released a statement at the time acknowledging his voting lapse, and called it a “mistake” that he had taken the right to vote for granted.

“That’s why I’m back in this now,” Kravitz said. “Since then, I voted a couple months ago in Miami. Even just the local stuff, the small stuff, I’m voting. I just voted in the primaries, and that was within the last six months … I realized I was wrong. And now I’m back, and everybody should vote. We’ve got to vote.”

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