Taking on the hate

The following is a letter sent to media outlets in response to recent hateful comments from ultra-right talk show hosts and officials.

In recent days, Republican pundits have stepped up their personal attacks on President Obama and the First Lady. This includes stories where Burt Prelusky of Townhall called the First Lady a “bitch.” On the Laura Ingraham show, Tammy Bryce called the first family “trash.” Now a U.S. representative, Michelle Bachmann, called on people to take up arms against the government and President Obama’s budget.

We heard rhetoric similar to this during 2008 from the McCain/Palin campaign where they were throwing names at their opponent. However, the current rhetoric is meant to incite rage, violence and overthrow of our government.

I am asking that the mainstream media make this a story on your networks and find out why these people are not more concerned with the state of our economy and where our nation is heading instead of political hatemongering. Many in the GOP are not happy with President Obama’s election. However, a large majority elected him and Vice President Biden and in our democracy the majority rules.

The remarks being made by some in the GOP are going to increase violence and perhaps that is what they want. However, freedom of speech does not give a person the right to slander someone because they feel like it. Speaking on issues where there are differences of opinion is not about personal attacks.

Becky Bonnette

Via e-mail

Support Obama’s changes

Re: “Stanford: Biggest Texas scandal since Enron,” by James Thompson. The stench of all these crooks increases by the minute. Clearly, it’s not just Madoff who made off with honest folks’ money. Or were the “victims” all that honest? They flew in their private jets to Antigua to check it all out? I find that hard to be sympathetic about.

But museums and health care? Now those are real issues. Bottom line: where is the control of schemers like “Sir” Robert Allen Stanford? And is it just individuals like him? We need a thorough housecleaning of banks and financial institutions as well.

Let’s support Obama’s investigations and changes.

Jean Anderson

Via e-mail

UN declaration on sexual orientation

We applaud the Obama administration for endorsing the UN declaration calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality and condemning human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. People should not be persecuted and targeted as criminals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The U.S. has finally stepped up to help right this wrong. This is long past overdue and we are encouraged by the signal it sends that the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people will now be considered human rights.

Rea Carey

Via e-mail

Rea Carey is executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

An easy way out

1. The best way to save our earth,

is trying to consume the least.

The best way to consume less,

is trying to slow down the pace

of production where surplus exists,

speed up where surplus awaits.

2. Pointing finger arrogantly to others,

won’t help solve internal problems.

Democracy cannot be exported,

so does the revolution, as expected

“Shovel snow in front of one’s doors,

don’t care for frost on others’ roofs”,

as an old Chinese saying goes.

3. This time, we are not that lucky,

as corruption and greed deepen.

The more you work the more they gain,

the more one does the more they drain.

In rich countries, roofs shield emptiness,

and health care is not for everybody.

Global crises echo globalization strategy.

4. In 300 BC Mr. Zhuang Zhou wrote:

“A skillful wren builds its nest that only occupies a spray deep in a forest.

A mole drinks water from a brook

expecting no more than a full stomach.”

These are examples we should follow suit,

as none should take more than necessities

in terms of gaining richness and fullness.

5. Learn from nature and nature’s laws,

try to respect nature and the human race,

destroy nature, we destroy our families.

Only those who dare to overcome obstacles

can climb to the highest peak of sciences;

as Karl Marx taught us before, who brought

socialism from utopia to a realistic fact.

Sen Du

Via e-mail

Pass puppy mill bill

Kudos to Illinois state Rep. John Fritchey and Sen. Dan Kotowski for sponsoring “Chloe’s Bill,” which would help improve living conditions for dogs in Illinois’ commercial breeding kennels.

The bill’s namesake, a cocker spaniel named Chloe, was rescued from a puppy mill in central Illinois. She was found crawling with fleas, covered in feces and urine, infested with roundworms and whipworms, and suffering from conjunctivitis and ear infections. Chloe’s Bill would help crack down on puppy mills — which often confine dogs in tiny, feces-filled cages without any exercise or socialization; deny them proper food and veterinary care; and kill females when they can no longer produce puppies.

Puppy mills and breeders keep on producing puppies while thousands of healthy dogs must be euthanized every year in Illinois’ shelters for lack of homes. If these operations insist on contributing to our state’s companion animal overpopulation crisis, they should at least be required to meet reasonable minimum standards of animal care.

Let’s make Illinois a state where every dog has the loving home he or she deserves. Please, adopt animals from shelters instead of supporting the cruel breeding industry, and urge your Illinois legislators to support Chloe’s Bill.

Cari Heller

Chicago IL

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