Nature vs. profits
John Bachtell’s article on capitalism vs. sustainability was great (PWW 4/29-5/5). I gave a presentation on this topic to about 30 people at a United for Peace in Pierce County “salon” (discussion group) today and most of the copies in my PWW bundles were picked up by the attendees.
Just one minor criticism: I wish the article could have put in a plug in for “People and Nature before Profits,” and maybe run an ad for it in that issue.

Dave Zink
Seattle WA

Editor’s note: To obtain “People and Nature Before Profits,” the Communist Party USA environmental program, e-mail

Inspired in Berlin
To my most loved paper, I want to send a small token of my very, very big thank you for your encouragement.
The front page of the 4/29 – 5/5 issue, from “Workers of the World Uniting” to all its surrounding headlines and pictures, was inspiring and gave me confidence in our ability to win our struggles for life on earth and dignity for all.

Miriam Pandor
Berlin, Germany

Ohio voting mess
How come you don’t mention Ken Blackwell in your article about the foul-ups in Cuyahoga County (“As Ohio goes, so goes the nation?” PWW 5/27-6/2)? All the members of the Elections Board in Cuyahoga County serve at the pleasure of Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and were operating under procedures that he approved. Doesn’t that make him responsible for the mess?

Terry Carson
Solon OH
Judy Johnson responds: Ken Blackwell is, as many readers know, both the Ohio secretary of state and the Republican candidate for governor in November. Many people in Ohio see it as a conflict of interest that the person responsible for the conduct of elections in Ohio is himself a candidate (not against Ohio law). I didn’t mention Blackwell in connection with the debacle in the Cuyahoga County primary election because it seemed tangential to the story, given space problems.
Blackwell has done so many negative things affecting the people of Ohio that this deserves a story in itself. Watch for a full story in a future issue of the PWW about the coming governor’s race in Ohio, in which Ted Strikland, the Democratic nominee, will face off against Blackwell.

Puerto Rico
Thanks so much for Jose Cruz’s article about the fiscal shutdown in Puerto Rico (PWW 5/13-19). It was so much more informative than those in The New York Times because they never mentioned the underlying problems, i.e., the island’s indebtedness to corporations. I have the Forbes list of the 2,000 most successful world corporations. However, I would like to get a list of the 56 Fortune top 100 corporations that operate in Puerto Rico. Perhaps you can direct me to that information, Thanks and keep up the good work.

Annette Walker
Via e-mail

‘Israel Lobby’
Considering the sensitivity required to broach a subject such as the effect Israel has on American policy, you did a wonderful job (“Considering ‘The Israel Lobby’” PWW 5/27-6/2). I consider myself a Christian and a liberal. I have no strong feelings for Israel other than something needs to be done to accommodate the needs of the Palestinian people because their plight should not be ignored.
When I read an opinion I look for whether or not a person is able to articulate their position based on the merits of their arguments rather than on attacks on their opponents. I believe you did a very nice job indeed.
Does Israel influence our foreign policy? What about our relationships with Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia? Each should be free to present their case to the American government. Most Americans are intelligent enough to understand that we have a responsibility, due to our economic and military position, to do what is right.
This, however, is premised on openness and information with which the American people can decide, not operating behind closed doors or from “think tanks” who simply look for “evidence” to support preconceived ideas.
I do not care if it is Israel, an Arab country or China that is looking to present their case. What does upset me is unwillingness to let the light of day shine on decisions that influence America and the soldiers, sailors and airmen that pay the price with their blood.
Thank you for your well-reasoned and reasonable article. It has made me desire to look at the rest of the People’s Weekly World and see if it measures up to the honesty your article has shown.

Darren M. Peterson
Neenah WI

What a load of tripe parading as news. However, at least you claim your bias, so I have to give you credit for that. My bias is on the other side of the aisle.
If you think the liberals are actually going to retake Congress this year, I believe you are going to be disappointed. The only way to win elections is to articulate a message to the American people that is truthful, uplifts them and makes them proud to be in the greatest country in the world. All the gnashing of teeth, hand wringing, pandering to fringe special interest groups, and coddling of the enemy that the left engages in is stomach-wrenching to a majority of Americans.
I’ve got news for you. The American people are a lot less like the Dixie Chicks and a lot more like Toby Keith than you would probably care to believe. That is: They live like Conservatives, they are Christian, they are fiercely Patriotic, and they are very Independent. None of these labels has anything to do with a political ideology; rather, they are lifestyle choices that the so-called mainstream media and your publication detest because they are antithetical to everything you believe.

Shane Barber
Via e-mail