Lunchroom talk

The lunchroom at work is often the site of great discussions. Though it is not a daily topic, choice and the right to an abortion is not an infrequent topic among women. In my experience, there are always one or more women who say they could never have an abortion themselves, but they feel that abortion has to be an alternative for those who choose. I have never encountered a single woman in these discussions who would impose their beliefs on others and totally outlaw abortion.

Several years ago, a scientific study to determine whether or not life starts at conception was headlined in the local and national press. The topic came up at lunch one day. One woman in the group I was having lunch with made the following insightful comment, which I felt spoke to the issue as much as any other. She said, “It’s a baby when the woman says it’s a baby.” Her statement reflects a respect for an individual woman’s religious views, as well as a woman’s intellect. I enjoyed the article by Emile Schepers, “The soul of the antiabortion stance” (PWW 7/9-15). It was insightful, thought provoking and respectful of a woman’s right to choose.

Diane Mohney

Philadelphia PA

A global culture of peace

Cheers to Terrie Albano for her recent commentary, “Can war end terrorism?” (PWW 7/16-22). It was great to finally see some concrete alternatives to the so-called “war on terrorism.” These not only lend credibility to the peace and justice movement, they also help develop our collective vision for a more humane and democratic society.

I would like to add to her list the demand for a U.S. Department of Peace ( and the building of grassroots societies worldwide dedicated to fostering a global culture of peace as defined by the United Nations ( With the advance of a culture of peace, the ruling-class tactics of fear, war and chauvinism will lose their credibility and all kinds of terrorism will be thwarted.

Joe Yannielli

Via e-mail

Investigate Karl Rove

I believe there is a legitimate controversy regarding Karl Rove’s leak of confidential information. Mr. Rove is an un-elected official with a large degree of power and government-approved access to information. There is some evidence that Mr. Rove has acted in similar ways in the past. This needs to be investigated in depth.

Good reporting would also warrant the investigation of Rove’s background and history. Did you know he was fired from the Reagan administration for leaking sensitive information? Did you also know he may also have been involved in a break-in to a politician’s office and forged a letter written on his letterhead? This information is in the movie “Bush’s Brain.”

Lou Segade

Via e-mail

Follow the money

The Valerie Plame/Karl Rove story is another piece of evidence that the war in Iraq was started pre-emptively for a Byzantine agenda and passively supported by the corporate-controlled mainstream media, and not to defend the U.S. from terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. It complements and affirms many other pieces of evidence such as the Downing Street Memo. It is incredible that respected individuals like Ambassador Joseph Wilson, Richard Clarke and Paul O’Neill are attacked, lied about and discredited when they refute the lies used to justify the war.

Over 1,700 Americans have died and thousands have permanent physical and mental injuries as a result of these lies. These people did their job as they were told. And when they died or were maimed doing that job, their families were told an increasingly insulting and hurtful set of lies as to the circumstances that led to their death. That is hurtful and immoral.

Those families deserve to know the truthful circumstances that led them to be called to serve in Iraq. Years ago, when the Watergate story was being investigated, the reporters were told by Deep Throat to “follow the money.” If that advice is now taken as the Karl Rove story unravels, the truth of who is benefiting from this war may be revealed. It certainly will not be the grieving relatives of those fallen soldiers.

Dr. Donna Puleio Spadaro

Franklin PA

Massacre in Haiti

I was disappointed with the PWW’s lack of coverage of the July 6 UN massacre in Haiti. It was really the story of the week, but both the corporate press and the PWW hardly touched it.

Including it in the World Notes section (PWW 7/16-22) made it seem like a peripheral story. I doubt that was the intent, but it was a terrible error.

As a side note, I would point out that some on the U.S. left have been advocating for a UN occupation of Iraq. If people had a better understanding of the crimes that UN “peacekeepers” have committed against the Haitian people, they might think twice before advocating such a ridiculous “solution.”

For more information on the situation in Haiti, PWW writers and readers should check out the Haiti Action Committee online at

Shane Brinton

Arcata CA

Great to see e-PWW

It’s wonderful to see PWW online. Do you have archives from the 1960s-70s? At that time it was the Daily World, if memory serves. I have been disabled since 1984 and have lost track of nearly everyone from my past. There was a Sunday supplement edited by a truly great writer, editor, and progressive thinker … as well as a tough boss, which was good for me. His name was Joseph North. I worked there doing paste-up (in those days it was an X-Acto knife and rubber cement), some photography, and even a few articles. Would it be possible to check the morgue, or wherever old issues might be kept? No one could have imagined, in the old days, that we would be able to sit down at our computer at home, and read the People’s Weekly World. Keep up the great work.

Donna-Lee Phillips

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