The ‘memory hole’

On Veteran’s Day, which is a hallowed day to honor the sacrifice of military personnel, George Bush decided to attack certain groups questioning his rush to war in Iraq. In his speech Mr. Bush said, “It is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how the war began,” and then proceeded to attack only Democrats and antiwar critics. Isn’t it Mr. Bush who is rewriting history? Bush can claim that only Democrats and antiwar critics are against his “splendid” little war in Iraq, but as I write this letter numerous Republicans that belong to his party are questioning and even adamantly opposing the war.

The church he is a member of just released a statement condemning the Iraq war. Sixty-seven percent of Americans now oppose the war and want to bring U.S. troops home. George Orwell writes in his book “1984” about a “memory hole.” The memory hole is a government-sponsored propaganda program that constantly destroys, falsifies, and rewrites the past to justify present wars and the loss of civil liberties. A more apt title for “1984” would have been “Mr. George Bush.”

Lydia Padilla

Via e-mail

Bush lies

This morning listening to NPR I wanted to throw up when I heard our president say we don’t torture prisoners. How dumb does he think we are? George W. will claim that we don’t torture people by defining torture in some twisted, tortured way.

Please help us get rid of this Republican thing that has us hopelessly in debt and bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please participate in the election process and encourage those around you to do so also.

Bush won the last election because we didn’t participate enough. Too many people who disparage the government don’t participate. They just complain.

Cletis Harry Beegle

Tucson AZ

Doubts ICE report

Paul Hill’s article “Lifting the curtain: Immigrant detention centers in U.S. charged with abuse” (PWW 10/22-28) appeared very slanted and postulated opinion more than factual reporting. The article claims widespread abuse of detainees by ICE in Oklahoma City, and then later indicates that government immigration facilities might be staffed by personnel from many government and private agencies. I’ve done some research on my own and I don’t find many facilities that ICE owns or operates. Most appear to be legitimate state, local or private jail facilities where ICE leases detention space. Most local, state or federal jails, prisons and detention facilities have to meet and maintain nationally accepted standards. While singular instances of prisoner mistreatment could potentially occur at any one of the thousands of jails in this country, I seriously doubt Amnesty International’s claim that “there seems to be a pattern and practice of abuse on the part of ICE officers in Oklahoma City.” Amnesty International’s claims and political agenda have been suspect on many past occasions, so that don’t enjoy the privilege and credibility of a truly independent, unbiased observer.

R. Jones

Gulfport MS

Paul Hill responds:

I appreciate R. Jones’ comments. Unfortunately, the comments do not cite any facts. Jones attacks a review of articles published in the Houston Chronicle and the Associated Press as “very slanted and postulated opinion more than factual reporting” and then dismisses the internationally acclaimed work of Amnesty International as a “political agenda.” Unfortunately with no facts to back up his remarks, the letter writer’s comments appear to be “agenda driven” and, I would add, represent a grave danger to this nation’s civil liberties.

Stop Garland extradition

Thank you for highlighting the recent arrest and possible deportation to the U.S. of Sean Garland, leader of the Workers’ Party of Ireland (PWW 11/5-11). PWW readers can learn more about Garland’s case at Please visit the site and make your protest known wherever you can.

Our campaign cannot match the vast resources available to the U.S. administration or the hostile media, which has sought to blacken the name of Sean Garland and prejudice his legal rights. But we can mount a strong campaign with your help.

Justin O’Hagan

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Embryonic stem cell conflict

One way the capitalist class maintains its control of society is to forge alliances with movements that have no direct involvement in controlling the profit economy. The large and influential religious right is one such movement. It is largely responsible for the election of the present administration and Congress. However, its nonsensical and dogmatic positions against science and progress pose major threats to profitable technologies.

Embryonic stem cell research has potential of enormous profits (besides relieving human suffering) and has created a major rift in the anti-people forces of reaction. On Nov. 1, the Associated Press reported that the World Stem Cell Hub in Seoul, South Korea, began receiving patient registrations for stem cell therapies. They were flooded by nearly 2,600 applications the first morning from patients with Parkinson’s disease, damaged spinal cords, diabetes, cancers, etc.

Embryonic stem cell therapy has the potential for curing many of the most debilitating diseases and transforming the entire field of health care. Unless the backward policies of our government are defeated, Americans will have to wait their turn as more enlightened societies care for their citizens.

David Kennell

University City MO

PWW on campus

I am a Fordham University student and the Community Coordinator of Global Outreach- a university based organization dedicated to grassroots social justice, social awareness, and social change through education, research, action, and cultural immersion. I believe that there is a need for independent voices and visions. The New York Times is available everyday to Fordham students at no cost. It’s the only newspaper available and I think that that is a disgrace. I wanted to know if the People’s Weekly World newspaper was willing to donate some copies of the newspaper on a weekly basis to be distributed to Fordham at no cost. So far, I’ve been successful with three other newspapers: The Haitian Times, The Caribbean Voice and El Sol. My teammates and my school would be grateful for whatever help you may provide.

Catherine Ruiz

Via e-mail

Editor’s note: We couldn’t agree with you more on the need for “independent voices and visions.” The PWW would be more than happy to provide you with however many newspapers you need. Thank you for your request.