Patriotism & the left reloaded

While I enjoyed reading both Emil Shaw’s article “Patriotism and the left” (PWW 1/31-2/6) and Adam Minsky’s Letter to the Editor regarding it (PWW 2/14-20), I’m afraid I must register an opposing viewpoint.

I agree with Shaw wholeheartedly that the majority of the working class in America is indeed patriotic, and it is necessary to be sensitive to such deeply held feelings in order to build unity. But it is also necessary to gently prod our patriotic friends in the direction of truly international consciousness. The international solidarity of the working class is absolutely essential for the advancement of all people’s movements. Emotional ties that bind a worker to one nation at the expense of all others can only serve to undermine that solidarity.

Deb WilmerTucson AZ

Bush’s marriage amendment

Thank you for your article “Bush’s marriage amendment an attack on democracy” (PWW 3/6-12). At a time when the extremist right is out with their propaganda, I am glad that people are standing up to them. Indeed, I am a very devout Christian myself, and it is precisely because of that that I hate how people use Christ to justify their “codified”/ “traditionalized” discrimination. This is just a random note, but really thank you. I know many [gay] persons out there who are too afraid to come out and voice their support, lest they be “outed.” God bless, and really thanks.

Bob Via e-mail

Proud to support Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich is the most under reported story and under rated candidate. (PWW 2/28-3/5) He is one of the finest politicians this country has had in many years and running in the back of the race thanks to media (corporate) blackout, and lack of support from the Democratic National Committee. It’s sad testimony to our democratic election process.

Thankfully, he has the most loyal, hard-working, devoted followers in the country. I am proud to be one of them.

Mira Talbott-PopeChico CA

Stories that must be told

The story on grocery worker Lee Hamilton with the United Food and Commercial Workers was moving, sad, yet inspiring. (PWW 3/8-12) These are the stories of American workers that must be told.

I usually buy my metro pass on Mondays and give the attendant a paper. It took a little time but as the weeks went by I sensed she appreciated it. Sure enough, when I handed her the paper yesterday, she said “you know, this paper is very informative.” It’s really a matter of getting people to read the PWW. But that’s a lot harder than it sounds. People barely have time to take care of their personal needs.

Gabe FalsettaNew York NY

Arnold and Enron

If Schwarzenegger is really serious about “getting California’s fiscal house in order,” then why has he been silent on the issue of reclaiming the approximately $9 billion stolen from California by the energy robber barons during the state’s “energy crises” of 1999-2000? Could it be that Schwarzenegger is in bed with these energy companies? He did have a meeting with Enron’s Kenneth Lay during the spring of 2001 in a Los Angeles hotel room. Perhaps the real reason Schwarzenegger ran for governor was to be able to sweep under the rug this $9 billion theft.

I don’t trust this governor, and neither should you.

Chris Scoffield Menlo Park CA

Everyone is talking

Everyone is talking about the latest attack on Social Security, and about when will U.S. troops in Iraq ever come home, and about a movie made by a millionaire (billionaire?) that he intends to be a religious experience for the viewers. I don’t know whether any leaders of the various Christian denominations asked him to make the movie. I don’t think he bothered to consult with the rank-and-file people of faith at whom the film is aimed. But he and his publicity apparatus are certainly working overtime to organize people to pay to see the film and to buy the usual assorted tie-in paraphernalia.

Why should one guy, just because he is rich and has power in the film industry, get to make a supposedly religious movie? Why does he get to tell only a portion of the story, in horrifically bloody detail, based not on the Gospels but on the pathetic dreams of a German nun who lived hundreds of years later?

Personally, I think this is one more example of how capitalism warps and distorts all that can be bright, beautiful and true, such as the arts and sciences, to not only satisfy the individual desires of a handful of super-wealthy people and their ilk, but to make a lot of money on top of it.

Barbara RussumChicago IL