Bush and Hussein

George W. Bush says he was justified to invade Iraq and overthrow the villainous dictator Saddam Hussein. Bush claims he was justified regardless of the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been found. According to Bush and his warmonger associates the war in Iraq is justified because Saddam murdered and tortured those who opposed him, he denied his people basic rights such as freedom of speech.

In the last month Bush and his cohorts in Iraq shut down an opposition newspaper thereby denying Iraqi citizens their freedom of speech. Just last week it was revealed that members of Bush’s military tortured and humiliated Iraqi citizens who oppose the occupation. These acts were done at the direction of military intelligence officials.

As Harry Truman once said the buck stops at the top. Hussein, aka “The Butcher of Baghdad,” committed atrocities against the Iraqi people. George W. Bush, “The Occupier of Baghdad,” has done the same. They are interchangeable and one and the same. No wonder Iraqis are resisting American occupiers.

Edward RiemerCorcoran CA

What Kerry needs to do

To give immediate relief to the millions of unemployed, underemployed, underpaid and part-time workers as well as motivation to come to the polls in November, Sen. John Kerry must put forth solutions that will remove the economic insecurity facing many working people and provide well-paying union jobs to all those in need. Some of the positions Kerry should put forth are unlimited unemployment benefits for all until gainful employment is found, a raise in the minimum wage tied to the Consumer Price Index that allows one to live in dignity, and a federal jobs program such as the Apollo Program that would put millions to work rebuilding our infrastructure. If Kerry were to put forth such proposals the White House is his in a slam-dunk. If not, a Democrat in the White House is not a certainty. The White House is the Democrats’ to win or lose.

Bill MackovichChicago IL

Bringing the troops home

In Australia our local paper surveyed 500 people (yes 500) asking should we bring our troops home. Fifty-five percent said yes but most of the people I speak to all say bring them home. 500 out of 20 million is a ridiculous sample, just an example of how the media is biased.

Hal CrossingVia e-mail

EEOC ruling against retirees

Perhaps lost in the furor over Iraq was the recent pounding of another nail in the coffin of American workers when the EEOC ruled that large companies may now end health care benefits to their retirees over 65 who are on Medicare. This could be disastrous for millions of American families who helped build these companies and should be allowed to enjoy their alleged “golden years” of retirement.

This ruling must not go unchallenged. Contact the president, vice president, EEOC and your elected federal government representatives now and demand that the EEOC ruling be rescinded. Background on this issue is available from the web site of the National Retirees Legislative Network (www.nrln.org). Act now! The benefits you save may be your own.

Willard B. ShapiraMinneapolis MN

What would Bush’s hero say?

What would our president’s “hero,” Jesus, do now? He would risk his life to expose George W. Bush, all the other liars in this administration, and let the light render them powerless. He would expose the collective arrogance, ignorance and apathy of the self-involved American people who have allowed such leaders to take control of our country. He would advise us to put away our toys, give up our pride, ask the peacemakers for forgiveness and help, before we destroy more of Humanity and its home. Our children, offered as sacrifices to self-serving leaders, will not have died in vain if we have learned a profound lesson and collectively make amends now. Otherwise, future generations, if our country survives, will spend their lives apologizing for our behavior.

Gretchen NielsenTucson AZ

Media covers up Bush crimes

Bush, Rummy, Myers, et al., knew about the abuses at Abu Ghraib from at least January. This corporate “technicality ploy” about “not reading it” won’t wash as an excuse. They sat on the report even when things were relatively quiet in Iraq last winter. But then when “60 Minutes” was about to break the story, CBS kowtowed to White House pressure to suppress the story until Gen. Myers could spoon up pre-emptive spin via the same media. Worse, reports the British Telegraph, “The Pentagon’s response did not include warning Congress, which learned about Abu Ghraib the way the rest of official Washington did: from CBS Television last week. The administration has been well served in the past by its focus on secrecy, news management and avoiding leaks.” So is it any wonder that the same media, being an arm of the Bush government enjoying more privileges than Congress, is also acting as Bush’s personal campaign HQ? Bush has killed Democracy

Lance LaughtonScarsdale NY