India’s election results

Congratulations to Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party in their electoral victory over Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his conservative Bharatiya Janata Party. Vajpayee and the BJP should be lauded for their unwillingness to participate in Bush’s war for oil in Iraq, but his focus on policies that benefited only the rich and his drive to spend the nation’s finances on building a nuclear arsenal while neglecting the 300 million who live in poverty is what rightfully cost him the election. Hopefully Sonia Gandhi and the leftist parties that will make up her coalition government will do great things for the people of India.

Brian McAfeeMuskegon MI

Wal-Mart an infectious disease

This letter is in regards to the “Voters say ‘No’ to Wal-Mart” (PWW, 4/10-16). I was appalled to learn that Wal-Mart could and would, if permitted, ignore zoning, traffic and environmental regulations. What has America come to if all multimillion dollar corporations have to do is spend millions of dollars targeting specific groups of people to get them the votes that would allow them to destroy communities?

Wal-Mart has all of their “made in the USA” merchandise made in Third World countries for little to nothing, then they turn around and spend $1 million on an advertising campaign directed specifically at African Americans. What is wrong with this picture? The reason Wal-Mart Corp. has so much money and power is because Americans are suckers for a good deal! The only solution that I can think of to stop them from taking over the world is a nationwide boycott of this infectious disease that is Wal-Mart.

Abbie C. Tucson AZ

Workers’ comp in California

Thank you for a wonderful article about workers comp. I am one of those who are totally disabled and the insurance company says now, after four years, that I never had an injury. This is Disney Worldwide Services. I am doing all I can to make people aware of what will happen to us. I can’t work, I can barely walk, and I’m angry for all of us.

Thanks for putting it out there. Should you find anything that could be conceived as enough to sue the state, please let me know. I will be first in line.

Christine PietzVia e-mail

Iraq war is bankrupting U.S.

Bush has already spent $166 billion of our hard-earned dollars on Iraq. Now Bush wants $25 billion more just to get through the 2004 election. Then, when taxpayers can no longer hold him accountable, his post-election request will surely be much larger than $25 billion. And then Bush plans to occupy Iraq for years.

We, the taxpayers of America, refuse to pay for Bush’s War of Lies. We demand: (1) Bush and his rich friends should pay the $166 billion spent so far through an immediate repeal of Bush’s tax giveaways to the rich. (2) Bush should beg the United Nations to take over Iraq’s transition to self-rule, and begin the pullout of all U.S. troops. (3) Congress should not approve one more penny for Iraq. (4) Congress should begin impeachment hearings for the lies that took America to war.

Bush No More in 2004.

Jim NeilsonAlpine NJ

Transparent lies

Have you ever had anybody “lie to your face” – that means look you in the eyes and tell you an outright (transparent) lie? And how did you feel about this intrusion on your personal self-respect?

When will Americans wake up and realize the disgusting arrogance and ignorance of the Bush aristocracy and its liars? The blatant corruption behind Cheney’s Halliburton; the decimation of civil liberties in the name of Ashcroftian “patriotism”; the torture, rape, and murder according to Rumsfeld’s “McNamara mentality”; Wolfowitz’s Zionist paranoia (more money for the Israeli occupiers); Rice’s blind faith in Bush; Powell’s duplicity?

When, Americans, will you wake up to the Diebold conspiracy? Unite and defeat the lies and the liars! Unite in November!

James G. BoutosSacramento CA

Bush’s anti-Cuba crusade

Just when you believe that there is nothing more the Bush administration can do to shock and outrage rational people, they top themselves. Last week it was disclosed that a Treasury Department agency had five times as many people working to harass U.S. citizens and businesses trying to either travel to or establish some relationship with Cuba than it had agents working on finding and destroying the financial fronts of Osama bin Laden and other terrorists. Even Republicans joined Democrats in expressing surprise at this.

The Bush administration has now come forward with a plan to intensify such attacks, diverting $59 million from other international activities to anti-Cuban harassment. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who had earlier criticized the Treasury Department actions, said of this new Bush maneuver, “At a time when the United States faces very real threats in the Middle East and elsewhere, the administration’s absurd and increasingly bizarre obsession with Cuba is more than just a shame, it is a dangerous diversion from reality.” Unfortunately, such acts are the Bush administration’s reality and the only way to end the absurdity is decisively defeat the administration and the GOP in 2004.

Norman MarkowitzNew Brunswick NJ