On the Bush propaganda push

The Big Lie was a tactic most closely associated with Nazi propaganda. It was really simple: You say something outrageous over and over again and people start to talk about it and believe it. The “Swift Boat” ads that the Bush administration has orchestrated are yet another example of the Big Lie tactic. The greatest courage human beings can show is moral courage and John Kerry’s opposition to the Vietnam War, a war of aggression against the Vietnamese people that produced, over its history, 3 million dead, was far braver than his military service and the wounds he suffered in combat. But he did serve with real distinction while George W. Bush found his way, with a little help from family connections, into the Texas Air National Guard to avoid the draft in a war he verbally supported, then spent much of his time away from his minimal National Guard service. This isn’t exactly comparable to Nazis making a pudgy Austrian-born WWI German Army corporal, whose family name was originally Schickelgruber, into the super leader of a Master Race but it uses lies to appeal to similar prejudices.

Norman MarkowitzNew Brunswick NJ

More on the differences

I really appreciate the coverage of the anti-Bush movement this newspaper has given. I, too, have gone door-to-door for voter registration and education, like Sam Webb talked about in his article “The role of the left in these elections” (PWW 8/28-9/3). I agree about emphasizing the differences between Kerry and Bush. People don’t always know the important differences that exist. The lies and attacks coming from the Republicans put people off and they begin to believe them.

It would be helpful if your newspaper ran something about the specific differences between the two presidential candidates, especially if it was in a form that could be cut out and hung on bulletin boards, etc.

This country’s future and soul are dependent upon a Kerry victory and your newspaper can help us in the field by providing such information.

Mary Louise SayerSt. Paul MN

Article link wrong

The link in your article “Abu Ghraib abuse part of larger pattern” (which was excellent by the way) should be www.soaw.org, not .com as referenced. Thanks for all of your good work.

Terry IngramVia e-mail

We want our PWW

For some reason, our subscription stopped coming at the end of June. We called the circulation department, and were told that the problem would be fixed and our sub re-started next week. That’s great, but — would you please send us the issues we missed (all of July) — we feel like there’s been a news blackout!

JanineBronx NY


Re “Canada phone strike solid after 4 months” (PWW 8/21-27): Thank you for a well-written article. I bookmarked your web link (www.pww.org).

Stephen CooperVia e-mail

Failing to cover the convention

This paper noted with concern how little coverage the TV networks are giving to this year’s political conventions. Fortunately, all the cable news channels offer more complete coverage, right? Actually, a new study from watch group Media Matters for America finds Fox News covered the Democratic convention far less than CNN or MSNBC. We’ll have to see whether Fox treats the Republican convention similarly. Either way, those of us seeking complete and unbiased coverage of the election will have to change the channel on Fox.

Stephanie MaslanskyNew York NY

Supporting choice

I believe in a woman’s right to choose. She should be able to have an abortion, free of charge, on demand. Oral abortion medicine should be made available upon request and also free of charge. Reproductive human rights do require education, the essence of the struggle. This means that we must have sex education.

Irving C. JonesPhiladelphia PA

Communists and religion

In the 7/31-8/6 edition of the PWW there was a letter to the editor “Communists and religion” by Bill Jones. There is a book Mr. Jones would like to read, I think. It’s by a Mexican theologian-intellectual named Jose Miranda titled “Communism in the Bible.” The book is out of print but I’d be willing to photocopy its 86 pages and send it to him. It’s a fantastic book that I feel sure he would value.

Tony TopolskiVia e-mail

Shadows, lies and ‘The Passion’

The film “The Passion” was introduced as having some factual content. Yet, in promotional film clips, there was one overpowering factual contradiction. There was little or no attempt to present the people of the region as people of color. To present biblical characters as otherwise is an attempt to resurrect a discredited, chauvinistic myth. Thus, to open your tale with a lie in the beginning it will end as a lie and nothing in between can justify it. But the creators of this film knew this. We must be careful, this film is presented in shadows and the shadows are there to hide the truth. The same mentality that crucified this revolutionary, today bombs churches, synagogues, and temples of Islam. We must on the other hand struggle to affirm the people’s right to search for their spiritual fulfillment to make the world a better place.

Bob WilliamsSt. Louis MO