Bush’s road: a one party system

The following is adapted from an open letter sent to the Mexican American Political Association in preparation for its endorsing convention.

I understand the convention will not have a representative of John Kerry’s campaign, nor of George W Bush’s and will only consider endorsing the Green Party candidate. This is truly unfortunate because MAPA members will not have a full discussion of the political dangers and opportunities in this year’s election. We will not have the grass roots opportunity to put forward our communities’ concerns to the campaigns of the two candidates who can win the presidency. The battles on key issues like the war on Iraq, the Patriot Act, immigration, labor rights, etc., is now and the next session of Congress.

I have been involved with the Peace and Freedom Party for about 25 years and was also Green for the short time P&F was not on the ballot. I am for a multiparty system. Bush, however, is moving toward a one party system.

Our people will vote overwhelmingly for Kerry on Nov. 2. The MAPA convention could be an opportunity to help define this mass movement for democracy in a more progressive direction. Bush’s main strategy for this election, and especially for our people, is to cast doubt on Kerry as an objective alternative. I hope MAPA members don’t go down that road.

Rosalio MuñozLos Angeles CA

Pennsylvania ballot battle

The People’s Weekly World reported in the Sep. 4-10 issue that Ralph Nader had been ruled off the Pennsylvania ballot. The article seems to view this as a positive development.

Actually, the basis for ruling Nader off the ballot was so hostile to all minor party and independent presidential candidates that the PWW should have condemned the basis for the ruling. The Commonwealth Court ruled that anyone who files an independent presidential petition in Pennsylvania (which is the only type of petition in existence in that state for minor party and independent candidates) cannot qualify, if that candidate has accepted the nomination of any other minor party in any other state.

This principle would have kept Henry Wallace off the ballot as the Progressive Party nominee in Pennsylvania in 1948. Since he was simultaneously the presidential candidate of the American Labor Party in New York, under the Commonwealth Court’s reasoning, the Wallace independent petition would have been invalid and he could not possibly have appeared on the ballot in Pennsylvania.

Richard WingerVia e-mail

Say it loud and clear

Our “Bush Out the Door in 2004” committee just spent a couple of days distributing leaflets and bumper stickers at the New Mexico State Fair. In speaking with different people their main concern, either pro- or anti-Kerry, was what kind of exit strategy Kerry had for disengaging the troops — with honor — out of Iraq. If we are going to defeat Bush the general public must see a clear and sharp difference between Bush and Kerry on Iraq. People want to hear a time plan for getting our soldiers out with honor. They want to hear Kerry state loud and clear that he will get rid of the corrupt Halliburton consortium now stealing from the people of Iraq and also the people in this country. That he will see to it that water and electricity are restored in Iraq and that the Iraqi unions will have the right to organize and after having somewhat repaired the damage caused by our bombs that he will bring the troops home. Kerry has to be more forthright and we will win against Bush.

Emil ShawAlbuquerque NM

As important as Enron

In response to the article, “Contractor probed on Guantanamo deal” (PWW 8/14-20) are you are aware of what is going on with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) and Lockheed-Martin in other accounting areas? The Fraud and Racketeering division of the U.S. Department of Labor did just request all documentation from Pinellas County, Florida. One fact is clear, the multiple states that are involved just have not pulled it together. They have yet to understand that a series of major fraud crimes have occurred. This is as important as Enron because ACS is the largest government services contractor and over-billing and accounting fraud is still continuing in light of Enron. Especially it is heinous when it is the unemployed and poor.

Don MeyersBradenton FL

Issue for all Americans

In reference to the article titled “Soldier’s grieving mom confronts Laura Bush” (PWW 9/25-10/1), is there any way we can verify this story? Perhaps a police report, an independent eyewitness, videotape, audiotape, etc. If this is what it appears to be, this is a huge issue for all Americans. If there is some other explanation (e.g. she was seen as a threat to Ms. Bush for some legitimate reason) then it may be understandable. Also, if it is “denial of free speech” then it should get some major press coverage in the mainstream media.

Adam NicholsVia e-mail

Editor’s note: Major media outlets did report this story, but perhaps didn’t highlight the free speech issue. The charges of trespassing were dropped. However the Secret Service opened an investigation alleging the soldier’s grieving mom, Sue Niederer, made comments months ago that threatened the president. A lawyer from the ACLU is assisting in this new case. This new Secret Service twist seems to be another example of the Bush administration’s arrogant, vengeful and ultimate disregard for democracy and dissent. We agree it is a huge issue for all Americans.

Radio Havana response

A PWW reader inquired about Radio Havana being off the air. According to www.radiohc.cu/ingles/programdiaria1.htm on 9/23/04: “Radio Havana Cuba — the island’s international short-wave voice — is still experiencing problems with its transmissions. When Hurricane Charley slammed into Cuba on Aug. 13, winds clocked at nearly 200 km/hour damaged the radio station’s antennas. For now, Radio Havana Cuba can only be heard on its digital audio channel on the Internet. Just click on ‘Broadcasting’ to hear our programs. Thank you.”

Mike FaheyNew York NY