Solutions and the Communist Party

The Communist Party has for 84 years been the major organized, incorruptible opposition to capitalism in the USA. It has been in the forefront of organizing workers into unions and as well as organizing all people in their struggle for improvement in their lives. Social Security, unemployment insurance, Medicare and a host of other programs were led by communists.

The single and most important thing missing is the understanding of solutions. The understanding of the scientific development of societies and why, in our understanding of history, we feel confident, due to the fight-back of the working class, in the eventual control people will have over their lives. Socialism.

This does not negate the struggle against the present administration, which we see taking this country to new and more thorough authoritarian control. Robbing the poor and giving to the rich. Using our youth to wage war against the rest of the world for the gain of their class. Instead, scientific socialism allows for a better understanding of who the enemy really is and that everything it does is to preserve and increase its wealth and power.

The reason to join the CPUSA is that the Communist Party has a solution to capitalism’s injustices and, with your help, will better strive to get there.

Karl Dennis

Tucson AZ

Fidel’s May Day speech

I had a question about whether or not the PWW is planning to publish Fidel Castro’s May Day speech? I know you have published part of his speeches before. I heard his May Day speech was really something. If you are not going to publish it, can you tell me where I could get a copy of it either in English or Spanish? I really enjoy reading “my paper.” Thanks.

Rod Luther

Lincoln RI

Editors’ note: The speech is available at

Good statement

I commend the statement by the Communist Party (PWW May 3) in defense of Cuba while at the same time joining in the call for the death penalty’s universal abolition. In the same way, we must speak out against all terrorism. Just because the Bush administration is using the fight against terrorism as an excuse to attack Iraq, abuse the civil rights of U.S. citizens, and crush immigrant rights is no reason why we should not more strongly speak out against all forms of terrorism. The party has correctly condemned terrorism but we must more vigorously denounce it as when we defend the struggle of the Palestinian people against the brutal aggression of the Israeli government.

Both sides are using terrorism. Not only are innocent people being killed and injured, this tactic will not win the favor of world public opinion.

Armando Ramirez

San Diego CA

Iraqi films

I would like to congratulate Carolyn Rummel on her timely article “Films show Iraq through Iraqi eyes.” (PWW April 26) Not too many people know that the Jewish proletariat constituted a large segment of the Iraqi Communist Party in the 1930s and 40s. The Jewish community in Iraq was vibrant, and its history can be traced back thousands of years. Collusion between Zionist separatists and a British colonialist Iraqi government drove many Jews out of Iraq to Israel, where they were treated very shabbily.

Hazzim Yousif

Via email

Working-class internationalism

There is some reportage in our media and considerable anecdotal information on hostility to Canadians traveling and visiting the USA. Some of the same hostility exists here towards U.S. citizens. We think it is deplorable and does not reflect working-class attitudes. This points to the need to elevate the issue of solidarity and internationalism even among progressives everywhere.

I also was encouraged to read that the CPUSA is sponsoring a conference on health care. You may want to get a copy of Roy Romonow’s Report to the Federal Government on Health Care in Canada. Romonow is a social democrat and former premier of the Province of Saskatchewan. I believe you covered or re-printed some items from The People’s Voice on the report.

Keep fighting.

Don Currie


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