We were right

We said, “No blood for oil,” and they said, “A little blood for a lot of oil.” No, it’s a lot of blood for maybe no oil at all. We were right. Bring our boys home.

William BungeMontreal, Quebec

Remembering the Rosenbergs

I am sending warm and appreciative thanks for the double-page article commemorating June 19 and its real definition: murder. “(June 19, 1953: The murder of the Rosenbergs,” by Fred Gaboury PWW June 14) I am eagerly awaiting Robbie Meeropol’s new autobiography, out of the fateful anniversary. Robbie is a friend of mine. I have a hope that you will do a follow-up story for PWW on the new bio, but with a “take” that he’d be too modest to proffer. Re-reading his mother’s poignant poem in the PWW article, the last stanza is exactly what I feel Robbie did with his life. I was a Ph.D. clinical psychologist for 40+ years, and I know exactly how difficult it is for people with genuine, unreasonable events in their lives to move beyond them – not into self-indulgent “deserved” gratification, but into fully realized lives that never forget the beginnings, but choose to extend a chance for a different life to others.

The Rosenberg Fund for Children (RFC) does just that. We personally know people the RFC has helped to finish college degrees and share their knowledge with a wider audience. They could learn that they too had much to give, they too learned to be proud and to be effective.

Jean Anderson PezziVia e-mail

Is the war over?

On May 1 George Bush announced the end of the combat stage in Iraq. Surrounded by soldiers in uniform and receiving numerous standing ovations, anyone watching his speech could feel a sense of relief that the war is finally over.

Or is it? All the major news networks such as CNN and Fox news have shifted their coverage to other stories unrelating to the war as though it no longer exists. The reality is that is far from the truth. The war is still very far from over.

The fact of the matter is that the longer George Bush keeps our keeps our troops in Iraq the worse things will become. The White House plans to have our troops stationed in Iraq for the next three to five years! How can that be when George Bush himself said our soldiers will leave as soon as a new government in Iraq is established? Surely it will not take three to five years to achieve this but rather three to five months instead.

I hope Mr. Bush will change his plans for the sake of our soldiers and get them back home in time to see their families for the holidays.

Jeffrey MillienWaterbury CT


You are by far the best paper in the USA. Keep it up.

Aron NordmarkSweden


Our nation is on the cusp of one of its periodic revelatory convulsions. The devices and deceits that Bush used to take us into war might well bring his presidency down and with it Republican dreams of a conservative dynasty. Scandal-jaded as we are, the country must confront a president who evidently used our national intelligence agencies as his personal playthings.

Some thirty years ago, despite growing evidence that he was corrupt and unfit for office, the general public was slow to anger over Nixon’s crimes and cover-ups. Congress is only now taking steps to hold secret hearings into Bush’s Iraqgate. Yet, by the time Labor Day rolls around, there’ll probably be open discussion of impeachment proceedings. The damning evidence is already getting ahead of Congressional leaders’ ability to corral it.

The CIA and Pentagon are leaking like sieves, attempting to cover their vulnerable behinds. The internet is awash in chilling revelations.

For many years, there have been concerns about the Bush family’s long and comfortable relationship with our national intelligence and security agencies. The coming convulsion will hopefully shed some light not only on the alleged “politicization” of U.S. intelligence, but perhaps on its partial privatization, as well.

Cord MacGuireBoulder CO