Peace with North Korea

In a news report on National Public Radio mocking North Korea’s statement that U.S. policy was aimed at world domination and nuclear war in Korea, Eric Weiner noted that the “Stalinist regime” had made such “bombastic” statements for years.

North Korea pursued a very different course than the Soviet Union in the period of the Stalin leadership. But the word “Stalinist” continues to be used widely for any government or movement that the capitalist countries wish to destroy.

North Korea has legitimate grievances against U.S. imperialism and has sought to survive under the most difficult circumstances since the Soviet Union was destroyed in the counter-revolution of 1991. The armed forces of the North are serious about defending their country.

In the 1990s relationships between North and South Korea improved significantly and the Clinton administration helped to bring about a limited thaw in U.S.-North Korean relations. The Bush administration’s wild “axis of evil” attacks on North Korea have obviously encouraged the Pyongyong government to respond with their own toughness, which they have always done in the past.

Bush and the Pentagon are more interested in convincing Americans that they can fight a “two front war” against Iraq and North Korea rather than mentioning that North Korea’s neighbors have no sympathy with such war policies.

Norman MarkowitzNew Brunswick NJ

Message to American people

The following letter was signed by hundreds of people from around the world, indicating their worry about the world situation.

The USA is on the brink of war. An aggressive and unpredictable leader is spreading fear and insecurity. His name is George W. Bush.

Mr. Bush possesses massive arsenals of weapons of mass destruction, and he claims he has the right to use them.

He was never elected by a majority of his people. (32 percent of adult Americans voted for Bush. He got 539,989 less votes than opponent Al Gore.)

He leads a regime, where he himself – and a rich elite – enjoy enormous wealth and growing privileges, while millions live in poverty and despair. People of ethnic minorities are oppressed and humiliated.

His country ranks highest in the world with regard to not signing human rights treaties.

We know that most Americans want peace, prosperity and justice for all. You are good people, like most people are, in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Korea, Ukraine, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Bolivia, Iran, Uganda, Portugal and elsewhere.

Your worried friends in the rest of the world

via e-mail

Helpful analysis

David Cavendish’s analysis (12/7/02) of the 2002 election was great – clear, informative and concise. I reproduced it and passed it on the friends. Thanks for such an informative and useful analysis.

Bill Martinvia e-mail

Capitalism’s wasteful

I read in the business news recently that many U.S. air travelers are booking flights all around the world, but not for business or pleasure. But simply to log on more air miles for their frequent flyer accounts because they are fearful of their expiration dates if they fail to meet the minimum numbers.

What a wasteful practice in this corporate capitalist game!

Henry JungBoston MA

PWW is educational

I enjoyed Brandi Kishner’s commentary on campaign finance (12/14/02). I find the PWW to be the most educational publication there is on issues of significance.

Unfortunately, as I get educated, I also get angry. One often figures they have heard the most bizarre thing coming out of Washington, until one reads something even more unbelievable.

Kishner refers to this exclusion of oil companies from any limitations of political donations. I suppose it shouldn’t be hard to believe considering the oily fools slummin’ in the White House.

Spencer LudtkeSt. Paul MN