Big tobacco vs. N.Y. law

The fairest thing about New York State’s smoke-free workplace law is that it treats all workplaces (and all employees) equally. No business has a perceived or real advantage or disadvantage. All workplaces must be smoke free. The health of waitresses is treated with as much importance as the health of bankers.
In most legislation, however, there is a waiver clause for special unforeseen circumstances that may arise after a law is passed. Unfortunately, this clause is now being used by tobacco interests to try to obtain waivers for restaurants and bars that do not want to comply with New York State’s smoke-free workplace.
To send a letter to the New York State legislature urging them to continue to treat ALL workplaces and ALL workers EQUALLY, go to

Joseph W. Chernervia e-mail

Wants more on Direct Vote

As a first-year subscriber to the PWW/NM I’m informed weekly about world problems. Recently, I wrote to the paper asking about Direct Vote for the president, increasing House reps and term limits for offices including the Supreme Court.
In order to rid the world of bad leaders like Bush our nation needs to rid itself of the Electoral College. The PWW/NM keeps running material about defeating Bush and his corporate barbarians but there is no mention of Direct Vote. Also, the House needs to increase its membership, for 435 can no longer represent 300 million people adequately. And remember the Supreme Court put Bush in office – most people voted for Al Gore. The PWW/NM needs to write more on these necessary changes.

Chris BannonGuilford CT

Road map was doomed

The “road map” or more appropriately the “road-kill document” was doomed from the beginning with or without Israel’s 14 reservations that the Bush administration allowed for Sharon. It was doomed partially because it neither mentions nor accepts the simple words called “human rights” and “international law” and partially because it was intended to “manage” the conflict rather than deal with its root causes.

Mazin B. Qumsiyehvia e-mail

Ashcroft, Bush & Calif. deficit

Apparently the main claim for the California governor’s recall is the large deficit. If I lived in California I would oppose the recall. However if the recall is adopted, then I would suggest the nation take it a step further by recalling Bush, Ashcroft, et al., for their deficits.
I conclude my remarks with statements acceptable to Ashcroft/Bush: Recall Bush because … (edited out) … (not approved for print) … (eliminated) … (text too contrary to Bush/Ashcroft).

Rohn WebbMelba ID

Veteran of Weirton Steel
& Kent State

Enclosed is payment for a one-year sub to the PWW/NM. After 30 years in Weirton Steel Co., Weirton, W.Va., and being involved in Kent State University antiwar demonstrations of May 1970, I finally realized the total disgust I have for the capitalist system. Majoring in history and political science at Kent State, I always was interested in social progress for the working class. I wish I were clear on the fundamental division of Marxism-Trotskyism (permanent revolution) vs. Stalinism (socialism in one country). Looking forward to reading PWW/NM. Thank you.

Jeff LahachSteubenville, OH

Peace actions in D.C.

In the past month we’ve told people about the 40th Anniversary Martin Luther King Jr. Rally, and some of us went. That evening, we went to the Fellowship of Reconciliation forum about King and the “beloved community.” On the panel was, among others, Sonia Dueno, who works in D.C. for the FOR in Vieques; she comes from Puerto Rico. We will have her talk about Vieques in a forthcoming meeting. Also coming up in September – the “Arms Bazaar,” i.e. the Air Force Association’s annual National Convention and Aerospace Technology Expo – we’ve been going for more than 20 years, and still hope to finally “shut it down” for good!

Bobbie & John StewartWashington DC