Candidates support clemency?

I feel it is an important stipulation for potential endorsers to ask whether the presidential candidate supports clemency for American Indian Movement activist Leonard Peltier. So far, Carol Moseley Braun, former senator from Illinois, stated that she supports clemency for Leonard Peltier. Although I am a strong supporter for Dennis Kucinich and have admired him since the 70’s, he and others have not yet committed to clemency for Mr. Peltier.

Despite the prosecutors admitting that they can’t prove who shot their agents and the fact that FBI documents revealed that a firing pin test between an AR-15 rifle and shell casings found near the slain agents were found not to match after an FBI ballistics expert testified at Leonard’s trial that there was a match, Mr. Peltier remains incarcerated. Martin Luther King once stated, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” I hope the presidential candidates and their potential endorsers remember this and not forget Leonard Peltier. For more information, log onto

John GallagherWoonsocket RI

Iraqization of the war

It is interesting to be reminded of Karl Marx’s words of history “repeating itself first time as tragedy, second time as farce.” While these words have been repeated so many times as to be nearly clichéd I’m struck by the efforts of the Bush administration to Iraqinize the occupation. As the population grows more restive, as the U.S. becomes more isolated, their actions are becoming ever clearer to the people of Iraq; the “coalition” wants a civil war in the service of the U.S. and the Ahmad Chalabi led Iraqi council. But it is also clear that the people are not buying into the U.S. program. It is incumbent upon activist and citizens, that we get the U.S. to turn its responsibilities over to the United Nations without further efforts to foment civil war, an action which will have unforeseen consequences and blood loss not seen since the Iran-Iraq war.

Ken Baileyvia e-mail

Critique of Geneva Accord

Judith Le Blanc’s recent front-page article entitled “Israeli, Palestinian Activists Take New Peace Steps” claims the Geneva Accord signed between the parties is an “important, new development for a negotiated resolution” of the issues.

Concerning the latter, Article 5 (9)(b)(i) reads, “The Israeli Air Force shall be entitled to use the Palestinian sovereign airspace for training purposes.” With national boundaries as they are understood today, infringement on someone’s sovereign territory is a serious problem. Why is this a positive development then in the context of Palestine? Article 7 deals with refugees. Assuming this agreement to take effect, the now 5 million Palestinians refugees, whose right to return to their homes, property, and land is imbedded solidly in international law, will only be allowed to enter the new Palestinian state, none of which constitutes their property or homes or land. The bottom line: the right to return is foregone, without consulting the refugees themselves. The agreement will perpetuate Zionist domination of Palestinians and Palestine and thus, the conflict will continue unabated.

Brian WoodChicago IL

Indymedia compliment

Thanks from Chicago Indymedia for posting “Salt of the Earth.” I’d received it in my email through the grapevine and was pleasantly “pleased” to see the article was already posted to the newswire. I appreciated reading the article. I’ve noticed PWW really puts out good articles, in-depth, sophisticated and engaging. Thank you.


Impeach Bush

In Tim Wheeler’s front page “Protests across the nation: ‘Bring the troops home’” article (PWW, 11/1-7, 2003), he cited the sign “Impeach Bush now” but didn’t mention that Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General of the United States, said at the rally that Bush’s invasion of Iraq was a war crime. To invade another country without provocation is a crime against peace in the Geneva Convention. In the U.S. Constitution, to commit “high crimes” is an appropriate reason for impeachment; Bush ought to be impeached.

Mansur Johnson Tucson AZ