Bush the liar

It seems that there are still people out there who have not concluded that everything the president and his pawns (or is it the other way around?) say about anything is a distortion or outright lie. And these people seem to believe that Iraq actually poses some sort of threat to something other than oil company executives’ profits.

But what really puzzles me is the ethics of their claim. We have been told that the immediate casualties from a war with Iraq could reach upwards of half a million dead. Even if Iraq might become a threat someday, what or who is it these people think it is worth slaughtering 500,000 innocent people now to protect?

On a related note haven’t they noticed that Bush seems to be interested in dominating the whole world on behalf of global corporations? Isn’t Bush the one who is behaving like Hitler and therefore must be stopped before the world is embroiled in war? The right-wing has been tossing around analogies with Hitler, but as usually have everything completely backward.

Richard Curtis
Seattle WA

Protest police brutality

This week is going to be full of protest and spirituality. My son Gonzalo was executed by Downey police Feb. 15, 2002, I know many antiwar protests will be done in Los Angeles, but the war is also here with us. We are protesting too on Feb. 15 in Downey.

There are terrorists inside the police department. We need to stand up and fight against this injustice. My son was not a criminal and had no record of any kind. He was college educated. They shot my son 34 times, like if he was a beast. My family is destroyed and will never be the same. The Downey police has 42 lawsuits against it for civil rights violations.

The war is also inside our country. No matter if only one person joins us in protesting, then police brutality won’t be swept under the carpet. Too many young lives are lost and gone forever from this injustice.

Norma Martinez
Via e-mail

Gluttony of military spending

Washington, D.C. centers on tax cuts, yet little attention is paid to the gluttony of military spending which is an affront to many conscientious objectors and peace activists around the nation.

Forty-seven percent of federal taxes are spent on the military and that the annual military budget of the United States. That is greater that the combined budgets of the next twelve largest military budgets in the world.

Conscientious Objection to military service has been legally available for many years and has a long history in the United States. The Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Bill, H.R. 1186, was introduced to the 107th Congress to address the freedom of religion and conscience of taxpayers by amending the Internal Revenue Code to recognize the right of citizens to pay 100 percent of their taxes without violating deeply held religious or ethical convictions against participation in war.

Michael B. Brewer
Boaz AL

About Schmidt

Brandi Kishner’s revue of About Schmidt (2/1), is a gem of writing, of reflection, and of understanding. Thank you!

Mitch Berkowitz
Bronx NY

Media cover-up

If “Powell at UN caught in web of lies” by Tim Wheeler in (2/15) is true then why haven’t we heard more about it? Could it be, that our media agencies are really taking part in a propaganda war on American citizens?

Matthew Tatum
Via e-mail

Loves free speech, PWW

With the front cover of your January 18, 2003 edition reading “36 cities tell Bush: Give peace a chance” and with the words “The struggle against racism” on the upper right corner, I immediately knew I had to read your newspaper. Every author did a great job talking about all the poverty, corruption, scandal, racism, etc.

Jarvis Tyner’s “Lessons from the Lott expose” was strong and factual. You guys won me over with the issue, so I will continue to read your newspaper from now on. Long live our first amendment rights of free speech!

Jeff Millien
Waterbury CT