A two-state peace

I am an avid reader and supporter of your newspaper. Your reporting on the events taking place in the West Bank is truly appreciated for its honest stand on the actual happenings.

I am a Palestinian-American. What is disturbing to be is the one-sided stand of the U.S. for Israel.

The notion that all Palestinians are terrorists is definitely erroneous. I know of many Palestinians who are hard-working, honest and peaceful individuals. I personally have no heartfelt hate for the Jews or the Israelis, as the picture is usually presented to the world scene.

I am also in support of Israel living in peace with its neighbors. I do not condone the killing of innocent civilians by the extremists, whether Israelis or Palestinians. However, I do admit that the action of some Palestinians is understandable under the living conditions they have been subjected to for the last 35 years and in particular the last 18 months.

Let us all pray for peace.

Jad A. GhanemTucson AZ

More by Party leaders

Just wanted to thank you for Sam Webb’s recent article on the only way to defeat the ultra right (5/18). It was very insightful and informative!

I always enjoy reading such articles by Party leaders and hope to see more of the same from Webb. His knowledge and experience are invaluable and show through in his writings.

Rick Knaubvia e-mail

Disappointed by review

I was disappointed in your somewhat one-sided review of Michael Moore’s best-selling anti-Bush book, Stupid White Men … and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation. Your review concentrated on his support of Ralph Nader, repeating the line that this campaign – rather than Bush’s thievery in Florida – was the prime reason for the 2000 election results.

I could accept this argument if your paper were similarly critical of Gore’s lackluster pro-death penalty, pro-rise in military spending campaign in 2000 or Democrats’ current shameful support for Israeli militarism. I assume you do not dwell on this in the name of “left-center” unity.

I think that is unwise, since bashing the Green campaign is intended by some to derail all third party challenges – including challenges by those to the left of the Greens, e.g. the Communist Party. Of course, the Green campaign was deeply flawed – but what does one expect after the U.S. Left has been battered for decades by the ruling class; this has hampered the development of mature progressivism.

I could more easily accept the criticisms in your review if you were similarly critical of other real and imagined members of this “left-center” coalition, e.g. those in power in the U.S. Senate.

Gerald HorneChapel Hill NC

Editor’s note: The review in question was reprinted from Real Change, a Seattle publication.

Great articles

I have been very pleased with your various current articles. Sadly, there is too often scant follow-up.

I have also been very impressed by Judith Le Blanc’s Mideast coverage.

Also, I was impressed with Nick Bart’s Darwinian paean (4/13). Like Bart, I had just been to the “Southern Cone” in May 2001.

Thank you also for the excellent article about French politics, interview with Henri Alleg (5/4), By Fred Gaboury and Susan Webb.

A readerEstes Park CO


I got the following from a friend and thought I would pass it on:

In Japan, they reportedly have replaced the impersonal Microsoft Error messages with Haiku poetry messages, like:

Having been erased,

The document you’re seeking

Must now be retyped.


Serious error.

All shortcuts have disappeared.

Screen. Mind. Both are blank

Maybe your readers can put some of these next to their computer or make up their own.

Mary LyonsMilwaukee WI