Labor coverage – hooray!

The recent stories on the longshoremen and Teamsters have been great. You never see this stuff anywhere else. Keep up the good work.

George HendersonMilwaukee WI

Great working-class PR

I want to congratulate the PWW for posting its articles on various Independent Media Center websites. Lots of organizations utilize the IMC coverage for their own struggles and activities. They will download articles and include them in press packets or they will link the article to their website. PWW articles will get much farther circulation when they are posted there. Anyone can do it. It is an open publishing format, so if any of your readers want to circulate one of your articles they can put it on any IMC website themselves.

The IMC websites are important tools to getting out information that the corporate- dominated mainstream media won’t touch. And I’m glad to see the PWW and Mundo part of that movement.

Kathleen McHenryBoulder CO

Editor’s note:

We encourage readers to post PWW/Mundo articles to the many IMC sites. We just want to underscore the importance of stating the article is from the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo and the date of publication along with our website,

More cartoons

The Baldinger cartoons are a great addition. It would be a great if there could be more cartoons and even comic strips. Boondocks and Doonesbury are both funny political comic strips. Maybe the PWW can get rights to reprint them.

Laurie HuntAlbany NY

Mobile Chernobyl?

I read recently on that 77,000 tons of radioactive waste will be traveling through thousands of U.S. communities on its way to Yucca Mountain. It said that we shouldn’t worry, but the Department of Energy’s Transportation Security Division which moves nuclear weapons and radioactive materials on public highways, failed six out of seven security tests in 1998, according to the Project on Government Oversight.

That doesn’t make me feel very safe. I travel a lot by car and see accidents happen all the time. It could be very easy for one of these trucks to get into trouble and before you know it there is a radioactive spill that poisons a nearby community. What can be done about this? We are very touchy about these kinds of things here.

Paul RandallHarrisburg PA

Rant response

I found Terrie Albano’s article, “One Nation, under socialist ideals,” via a link from Internet Infidels. First rate, common sense, simple truth, all incomprehensible to the intellectual midgets of the religious right.

But I really liked it! Cheers.

Ron Garrettvia e-mail

NELP for SSA ‘no match’

There was a reference in the SEIU/ACORN story (7/6) to employers firing workers because of Social Security “no match” letters.

We have encountered that problem here, as well. This website is full of information that can help a worker save their job, even if not unionized:

Joelle Fishman
District Organizer,

Communist Party of Connecticut
New Haven CT

Tennis, anyone?

There seems to be quite alot of debate in the letters column recently about having sports coverage in the PWW. But I’ve been convinced of the need for some Marxist analysis of professional sports after the Wimbleton Championship.

It was hard to take the barely disguised racism in the coverage of the women’s final between the Williams sisters. They are at the top of the game and yet the undercurrent in the coverage was the question, is it bad for tennis to have sisters competing against one another.

Was there a discussion about segregation in the sport and the role Arthur Ashe played in breaking the color line? Was there a historical recounting of how two sisters came out of Compton, Calif., and what sacrifices they have made to become world class champions?

Well, some might say it’s not that important, but whenever the corporate media stirs up racist ideology the PWW should be there to respond!

A readerFlushing NY