Still free
Thousands lost their lives at the hands of terrorist hijackers, and thousands lost their jobs and their pensions at the hands of U.S. economic terrorists.

President George W. Bush says bin Laden has not been brought to the bar of justice because he is hiding in caves.

The same cannot be said for Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, Global Crossing, Arthur Andersen, Kmart, WorldCom, Perot and other corporate theives.

They are terrorists. They stole our pension money and they must make restitution.

The time has come that a nationwide movement be formed to demand justice with the slogan of “Give our pensions back!”

Paul BoatinDearborn MI

Stop government snooping
The USA Patriot Act has put librarians onto the frontlines of the struggle to protect the civil liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.

Soon after Bush signed the bill, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies began visiting libraries to examine patrons’ records, a chilling reminder of the FBI Library Awareness Program, which gathered information about library users for over 30 years until librarians’ protests stopped it in the late 1980’s.

A person needn’t be suspected of a crime to have their movements monitored – a judge anywhere in the U.S. must simply deem the information ‘‘relevant’’ to an open investigation.

Tell Attorney General Ashcroft to halt government snooping into library records.

Urge your congressional representatives to oppose this outrageous attack on our civil liberties and tell them you’ll remember on Election Day.

A readerChicago IL

Drugs not dog food
A friend e-mailed me this and I thought your readers might like to sign on:

Every day, senior citizens are forced to go to extreme lengths to pay for life-saving medicine. Many forgo basic necessities to cover the rising costs of medication. But George Bush and the Republicans in Congress refuse to enact real reforms to end this national tragedy.

Progressive Majority has launched an on-line petition telling President Bush to stop playing politics and instead provide adequate prescription drug coverage. To make sure this message is heard, they will send a dog biscuit to Bush for every signature collected. “No joke,” they say.

You can sign the petition at www/, and send a message that you will not stand for seniors being treated like dogs. Then, work to elect progressive candidates this fall who will stand up for the needs of senior citizens.

Jessica BrittonLos Angeles CA

Predictions for Coos Bay
Given Coos County’s public and private powers-that-be preference for operating behind closed doors, it is usually a bit difficult for ordinary citizens to know what’s really going on regarding economic development plans; but due to some recent news items, a few dots in that puzzle are connecting now to form a recognizable picture.

It appears that Coos Bay is quietly being sold to governmental, military and corporate interests as a primary port of entry for nuclear and other toxic wastes from around the world that are destined for inland disposal sites.

In order to provide a secure route for transporting such cargo well away from towns and off the public highways, an otherwise impossible to economically justify, limited-access toll road over the Coast range and Cascades is now being heavily pushed.

The lawsuit against Snowy Plover habitat recently contracted by the county commissioners with the very far rightwing founded, funded and directed Pacific Legal Foundation over strong local objection, is obviously designed to facilitate the citing of necessary facilities at the road’s terminus on the ecologically sensitive North Spit.

An increasingly controversial natural gas pipeline project’s true purpose will probably prove to be for fueling a gas turbine Peaker Plant that provides power for a processing plant preparing the hazardous wastes for their trucking and burial at Yucca Mountain and inland Indian reservation.

Imagine another New Carissa, wrecked on our shores, with a cargo of foreign radioactive wastes!

A ReaderCoos Bay OR