Doing something

Did you ever feel that you had come to the end of the line – that the situation had deteriorated to the point where you didn’t know what to do and, even if you did, it probably wouldn’t matter?

I know I have. When I get in that mood I remember that someone once said, “I shot an arrow in the air, it fell to earth I know not where” and decide to do something. After all, that has more potential for success than doing nothing.

A case in point is the offer of Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to send an e-mail to your member of Congress giving your views on Bush’s drive to war with Iraq.

After sending my own I got one of those bright ideas that we all get but usually do nothing about: “Why not write a leaflet with all the pertinent information, print a couple hundred copies and pass it out at the local train stop?”

So I did, making sure that I included my e-mail address, in hopes that someone might respond, thus opening the possibility of some kind of peace group.

So far that hasn’t happened. But who knows? Maybe they all responded and maybe none did. But 200 people were given an opportunity that they may not otherwise have had – and that counts for something.

Oh yes, the web site:


Fred GabouryChicago IL

What kind of slip?

Was it a Freudian slip? A pink slip? A slip of the tongue?

Or did the Secretary of State almost tell a congressional committee the truth on September 26 when he expressed his concern about the possibility that some powerful leader might be using “weapons of mass distraction?”

“Er, destruction.”

Jim Lane Dallas TX

War for oil

Thank you for doing the work necessary to bring more of the facts to light concerning Iraq and the fact that the much-wanted war on the part of the oil barons has to do with oil, not “terrorism.” (9/21)

The information on the Defense Policy Institute was especially enlightening. Now we see even more clearly that oil is what working-class young people will be asked to die and kill for.

Has anyone in mainstream media conducted a poll which asks the question: are you willing to send your children and loved ones to die and be killed for Halliburton, Exxon Mobil, Harkin, and their fellow corporations? A guess would be that most people would just say no.

The kind of information that was presented in your article is exactly what’s needed to rip the mask off those who are terrorizing the world: the U.S. ruling class.

Barbara Jean Hope Philadelphia PA

More on Israel and Palestine

Fron the perspective of an “older adult” out here in Middle America, let me say that I find your website quite impressive and good journalism. I especially liked the articles on “Calls jam Capitol phones” and “NGO’s in Palestine.” (9/28) I intend to read more and come back often. I learned about your site from a post at (which was itself mentioned in a Newsweek article).

I would like to suggest, if I may, that you provide a link and an article about the online petition in Israel by over 480 enlisted and officer Israeli reservists ( Also suggest you post the weekly column by Uri Avnery, an Israeli journalist, peace activist and former Knesset member for three terms. ( A new column comes out every Sunday. It is nothing short of excellent. His peace website is

I would also recommend a map of the Occupied Territories, showing all the settlements. I believe they number 200.

One thing almost no American knows about is the bulldozing of Palestinian homes for “no Israeli military building permit.” The homes are bulldozed, often without notice, even with the families inside scrambling to get out.

Over 10,000 homes in Gaza alone are under Israeli demolition orders. Palestinians almost never get issued a “building permit”. How can Arafat control his people when Israel controls the building permits? Then there is the current lockdown. Excuse me, “curfew” in Occupation Speak. Incidentally, there is a very good article on Occupation Speak at

Don Voss St. Charles MO